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The Sweet Smell of Success

Photo of the late Edward R. Murrow

In 1957, Hollywood churned out a Film Noir called “Sweet Smell of Success”, a fairly good movie by Hollywood standards.  Supposedly, this movie was intended to reveal the seamier side of New York City journalism.  To that end… one of the film’s main characters was a sadistic columnist named J. J. Hunsaker.  The writers of the screenplay were said to have based the Hunsaker character on the late Walter Winchell (whose politics, of course, were mostly conservative).  However, a more apt comparison could be made by comparing the Hunsaker character with that of either the late columnist Drew Pearson, or the late broadcaster, Edward R. Murrow (both of whom were and are beloved by left wingers).  The truth is, both Pearson and Murrow were sadists and brutes of the first order, neither man ever cared as much as a wit about the human beings they dismantled.  Both of these powerful columnist’s had as their pet project… the late Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.  They hated Joe McCarthy because the working-class men and women of America loved him.  It’s like the strange little man who stares at a particular work of art and comes to hate the art and the artist because of all that beauty… beauty that same sadistic brute can never hope to create or even begin to understand.  Edward R Murrow, ever shallow, had it bad for McCarthy, alternately accusing him of being a homosexual, a drunk, dim-witted, a backwater hack politician or an opportunist.  Pearson and Murrow said his revelations of Communist Agents in the government were fantasy.  Even today, long after the truth has been revealed, media radicals refuse to see the evidence.  There were thousands of Communists in the government at the time, salaries paid by Stalin and his Soviet Union. 

The Russians are coming!  The Russian’s are coming! 

And, there were thousands of Communists infiltrating Hollywood and America’s major universities (we see the results of that today).  Be that as it may, however, to the opinion makers (the ruling elite) whether someone was a Communist or an Agent for Joseph Stalin meant nothing then and still means nothing today.  Of course, the problem with that is, there were sensible laws against being the agent of a foreign power in the 1950’s and there were laws specifying that security risks did not have the right to work in sensitive government positions like (for example) the Code Room of the U.S. Army Signal Corps within the Pentagon.  Most of those sensible laws were abandoned by the 1970’s. 

Photo of the late Drew Pearson

Walk Through History

Photo of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan

On June 6, 1968, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian living in the United States, assassinated U. S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.  Sirhan is of Jordanian citizenship, and in 19668 had a legal right to reside in the States.  Sirhan was brought to the United States with his family when he was ten years old, but as an adult returned to Jordan, where he became enamored with radical Islam.  Although Sirhan later claimed to be Christian, he was lying.  When Senator Robert F. Kennedy announced he favored the sale of powerful bombers to the tiny, embattled nation of Israel, the Jew Hating Sirhan became enraged, and the rest is history.

FNO Staff... July, 2013

Al Capp... 1909 -1979
The American Cartoonist who created the popular comic strip Li'l Abner.


    Al Capp said,

"Today's younger generation is no worse than my own.

We were just as ignorant and repulsive as they are, but nobody listened to us.”



Huey Long, Father of the modern Democrat Party.

This is a photograph of the father of the modern Democrat Party.  His name was Huey Long, he was the Governor of Louisiana and a United States Senator.
Huey P. Long is the father of the modern Democrat Party.  His powerful slogans, “Share the Wealth” and “Every Man a King” are mirror images of today’s Democrat.  Huey was elected Governor of Louisiana on the promise he would redistribute the wealth.  When he was elected he did just that, redistributing a lot of that wealth from the rich into the pockets of the Long family and his own cronies.  Huey Long demonized big corporations, especially big oil companies, with reckless abandon. 
Huey P. Long, like all Democrat politicians was racist to his very core.  He had been raised as a racist and remained a racist throughout his life, even later while courting the black vote.  African Americans eventually came to vote for Huey on mass.  Not because they liked him.  They voted for him because of what he promised them.  He promised a chicken in every pot.  And, that was enough for poor whites and blacks throughout the backwaters of Louisiana.

Huey Long was interested in political power first and foremost, if he did something for the poor while pursuing power, all well and good.  Long was one of the first Democrats to realize the political benefits of organizing the black vote.  The “Kingfish” had already organized poor white voters.  But he wanted a bigger vote cushion then poor white voters alone could give him.  So Long went after black votes.  What could be better, thousands of voters who had very little education, little understanding of the issues and who naturally resented those more successful then they were.  Huey P. Long wasn’t interested in lifting anyone up.  Like the modern Democrat Party that he unwittingly helped create he didn’t have a compassionate bone in his entire body.  What Huey Long cared about, what he was interested in---was using taxpayer’s money to purchase political power for himself.

He was one of the first modern day Democrats to realize the power of “Populism”.  He became Dictator of the State of Louisiana.  and, even after he left the State House and ran for the Senate, he continued to run the state from Washington D. C.   
Huey Long had visions of taking his demagogic traveling circus nationwide.  He planned to run against Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1936 election.  Roosevelt was terrified at the prospect and had IRS Agents and other Federal officials criss-cross Louisiana attempting to dig up dirt on Long.  Fortunately for Roosevelt, Huey P. Long was assassinated in Baton Rouge before he could organize blacks and poor whites across the nation into his own nationwide populist army.
Ten days after Huey Long was assassinated in Baton Rouge, Franklin Roosevelt was feeling very chipper.  On May 18, 1935 he invited the press to Hyde Park and everyone sat around eating hot dogs and drinking  beer.  They all had a jolly time as you can clearly see from the photograph.

No one ever really questioned why a mild mannered Physician, not known to be an enemy of the “Kingfish” would risk his life---the assassin, Doctor Carl Weiss, was shot sixty two times by the Senator’s fascist guards---to shoot Huey Long.  No one however, ever placed any blame for the assassination on Franklin Roosevelt.  Dr. Weiss was one of the best-known eyes, ears and throat specialists in Louisiana at the time.  He had been a devout Roman Catholic from birth.  The fact that most of the members of the Weiss family were rabid supporters and personal favorites of Eleanor Roosevelt never entered anyone’s suspicions; certainly there were no whispers about cause and effect.
The photograph above shows Eleanor Roosevelt greeting children at the White House during the summer of May 1935.  The person below the red spot is none other than the wife of Dr. Carl Weiss, the physician who assassinated Huey P. Long just three months later.  Coincidence?

This article first appeared in FNO in May of 2011

 Oldest Hebrew Text Ever Found

Back in 2008 the oldest Hebrew text ever found was discovered in Israel.
Archaeologists have discovered the oldest Hebrew text ever found to date.  They discovered the text at a site in Israel they believe was the front line fortress in the ancient war against the Philistines.  The site overlooks the Elah Valley where David slew the giant Philistine warrior Goliath with a rock from a sling.  The text is written in ink on a pottery shard (ostracon).  It consists of five lines of text in Proto-Canaanite characters separated by lines.  The discovery was made by archaeologists Professor Yossi Garfinkel and Sa’ar Ganor of the Hebrew University.

The find is being called the most important ever made in Israel since the amazing discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Carbon 14 dating of the material found near the shard revealed a date from between 1,000 BC to 975 BC which is the time of King David’s reign.  The writings predate the Dead Sea Scrolls by as much as 1,000 years.  If you want to learn more about this amazing discovery click on the live link just below.

Go to Israel National News and read more:


The Big Meeting of 2015


By Peabody Fudge    February 19, 2017      

With all the criticism of President Donald J. Trump—during his first term as President—regarding an imaginary relationship with the Russians what many people don’t know is that former President Barrack Obama—being quite flexible—had a real relationship with the Russian Dictator, Vladimir Putin.  Sometime during the second term of Barrack Obama, the Russian came to New York City to speak to the United Nations.  Unknown to the American public or to the public in Russia… Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) and Barrack Obama (Then President of the United States) met to discuss outstanding issues between our two nations.  They met at a secret location near NYC that was provided by associates of George Soros (International Billionaire—Hedge Fund Operator—and Currency Manipulator). 

Putin was whisked away from his hotel room and taken to the rendezvous point while Obama flew in on an unmarked helicopter.  They got together in a small room at a palatial estate owned by a Soros crony.  In the room there were no aides.  Putin speaks enough English so that the two men could understand each other.  Obama speaks only English.  But what the pair and their aides did not know was that the French Secret Service had years previously placed a high-tech digital device in the room in order to record high level meetings with foreign dignitaries that Soros and his cronies would periodically arrange.  The device was the latest in technology and no one ever discovered the recorder and tiny camera.  The meeting between Obama and the Dictator was captured on video and subsequently the recording fell into the hands of the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Because there was a feeling that the recording might make the hero of the Left-Wing International Elite look bad, the recording was shelved.  However, sometime later, a low-level employee of the BBC discovered the video and sold a partial clip and transcript to a London based tabloid which being quite Left Wing themselves again shelved the video.  This blockbuster of a video may have languished forever, but for the dogged determination of an American Patriot who upon learning of its existence took steps to obtain a copy, which FNO has acquired.  Our source, however, has requested complete anonymity.  So Dear Readers even though the British Press had reservations about publishing the facts because they thought it might make their Dear Leader, Obama, look bad… we have no such qualms.  So here is what we have found out.

The meeting began around eight o’clock in the morning.

As they entered the room Barrack Obama bowed from the waist and said, "Vladimir… My good pal, how wonderful to see you." 

Vladimir Putin looked at Obama and said, "Comrade Chor-nee Mahl-cheek, how good you must look.  But… is not necessary to bow down to me." 

"Oh, think nothing of it, esteemed guest."  Obama replied.  "I bow down to every foreign dictator I meet.  I’m very flexible you see.  Shall we take a seat?" 

After a minute Obama asked, “Vladimir, you always call me Chor-nee Mahl-cheek?  What does Chor-nee Mahl-cheek mean?”

Putin laughed out loud and answered him, saying, “Means… Dear Friend in Russian language."

Obama smiled broadly and thought to himself… I have looked into this man’s soul and I can do business with him.  

The two leaders sat down on each side of a small table and began their discussion by bringing up Russian ambitions in the Ukraine.  Obama said, “Vladimir, you know what?  You’re really making me look bad by not giving in on Ukraine?” 

“Vell,” Putin said in response, “I’m wary sorry Comrade Barry if I make you look bad.  But Mother Russia is sovereign country and cannot take orders from outside powers.  Besides Russia has an absolute right to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine.”

“Vladimir, you’re not getting the point.  The point is, you’re making me look weak and ineffectual.”

“Vell Chor-nee Mahl-cheek, after all, you are wary veek an ineffectual… are you not?”

They argued for two or three hours, then the Russian dictator said through a parched throat. “Comrade Barry, I’m wary parched.  Can I get a drink of water or perhaps some juice of fruit?” 

Obama looked at his adversary and said, “Yes, sure you can.  Look, let's take a break for a moment and I’ll go into the next room and get you some fruit juice.” 

Obama pushed his chair back and stood.  When he did Vladimir Putin noticed that Obama had slipped out of his Gucci loafers.  Obama disappeared through the door.  Immediately, Putin jumped to his feet, ran around the table, picked up Obama’s right Gucci loafer, and let loose with a big old loogie right into the toe.  Then he placed the loafer back into position and sat back down his expression mimicking the grin of the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Wonderland. 

Some moments later, Obama came back into the room with a glass. “Here you go my Dear Vladimir, here is a glass of tasty orange juice.” 

“Spasiba, Comrade Barry” Putin said using the Russian word for Thank You as he took the tall glass from Obama’s hand and quickly gulped down the contents.  “Hmmm,” he said after a moment.  “Is best orange juice I’ve wver tasted?”

Then, the two got back down to negotiations. 

“Look,” Obama finally said, “How about I propose tough new sanctions against Russia, and you get really, really mad, an all?  Then you say, if the United States puts new sanctions on Mother Russia that would lead to war!'  But after a while you back down and give up Russia’s ambitions in Ukraine.  That should allow you to save face really good, huh?  How about it?” 

Obama seemed very eager.

“Nyet! nyet, nyet… Nyet!”  Putin was firm.  “Mother Russia will not give up ambitions in Ukraine.  Russia is sovereign country, has right to protect our peoples anyway we wishes too.”

So, negations continued.  They went on for another hour and things got so heated there was even a little fist banging on the table.  Then finally Vladimir Putin said through a parched throat, “Comrade Barry, do you got’s any more wary delicious orange juice, I yam getting parched again.”  

Obama stood, nodded, and walked out of the room.  But, as soon as he had disappeared through the door Putin jumped to his feet, went over, picked up Obama’s right loafer, coughed up a big old wad of phlegm and let it fly into the toe.  Then he quickly sat back down. 

A minute later, Obama came back into the room with another glass.  He sat the glass down in front of the Russian and the Dictator picked it up and gulped down the contents.

“Opanki!”  He exclaimed after a moment.  “That is best juice of orange I wver tasted.  This juice should be excellent wiv a little Russian Wodkaa.  Hmmm… Wodkaaa.”

Then, they continued to negotiate. 

Obama banged on the table to make his point, but Putin frowned and ignored him.  This made Obama even angrier and he called Putin a jackass.  In return Putin called Obama a Jew-lover! 

Obama was aghast.  “JEW LOVER!  JEW LOVER!” he stammered.  “I’m no stinkin’ Jew-lover, you take that back Vladimir!”  Putin merely smirked.  Obama fumed.

They were at an impasse.

The hours passed and they were no closer to finding a compromise.  Once more Putin was terribly parched and once more Obama left the room to get him something to drink and once more while he was gone the Russian dictator ran around and hawked a big old wad of spit right into the toe of Obama’s right loafer.

When he came back Obama placed the glass before Putin and sat down.  Putin gulped down the contents of the glass and said, “Comrade Barry, you must to give me brand name of delicious orange juice before I leave today.  I want to buy supply of juice to take back to Moscow with me.  That is really delicious juice of fruit.”

Then they got back into it.

For another hour they went at each other but there was no breakthrough and at the end Obama was very discouraged.  At last they agreed to break up the meeting without accomplishing anything of any value.

As an obviously morose Obama reached for his left Gucci and slipped it on his left foot; Vladimir Putin put his hand up to his mouth and snickered.  Oblivious, Obama slipped the right Gucci onto his right foot.

But… suddenly, he froze!

A moment later it was as if a balloon had slowly deflated.  First, Barrack Obama looked surprised and shocked, then slowly, a look of quiet disgust spread over the President’s face.  Obama pulled the loafer off and a prodigious quantity of viscous spittle dripped slowly from the toes of his very expensive cashmere socks.

Putin broke out in raucous laughter; pointing at the slimy torrent and laughing so hard his sides were about to burst.

The forlorn President looked very dejected as he realized HE was the butt of the Dictator’s joke. 

Obama slapped a palm to his forehead and said with a low pained moan.  “Oh… when will it all end?”  His gaze lowered, his head moving slowly from side to side, then… after a painful moment… he managed to murmur, “When will it all end?  The spitting in the loafers… an, an, the… the peeing in the orange juice!  When, will it all end?
And that’s the end of the transcript