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Photo of Crazy Joe Robinette Biden Jr., the man who presently occupies the White House as of January 1, 2021.

Late on the night of November 3 in 2020, apparently Crazy Joe Robinette Biden Jr., the Democrat Party’s candidate for President, “WON” Electoral College votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia… by capturing votes in urban Philadelphia, PA; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Madison WI, and Atlanta, GA, when Democrat functionaries, making good use of massive quantities of cardboard to cover polling-place counting-room windows (after midnight) thereby keeping prying eyes away as they went on to count VOTES” feverishly until dawn. 

It may be meaningful, or it may not, but, during his reign as Boss of the Gambino Crime Family in New York City, John Gotti had a standing order for his Capo de Regimes… He ordered them to keep a quantity of cardboard in the back room of the Bergin Hunt Club in order to cover the club’s windows and keep prying eyes from observing goings-on inside. 


Oakland's Finest:

Police in Oakland, California had spent two hours attempting to subdue a gunman who had barricaded himself inside his home. Finally the Officer in Charge ordered tear gas fired into the home.  After firing ten tear gas canisters police officers held the perimeter and waited patiently for the suspect to come out.  After about fifteen minutes one officer began to notice a particularly loud individual standing near him shouting for the suspect to come out. “Pleases come out and give yourself up!” The man was shouting.  The Officer, slightly irritated, turned and immediately recognized the shouting man as the suspect!  The suspect was arrested.



Without the guy pictured above there would have been no Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Kamila Harris or Jerry Brown among others.  The ripples of left wing politics and lunatic theories ripple out from the center and at the center was the man pictured above with his legions of fanatic supporters and worshipers.  The hand holding the hammer and wielding the cycle that forged the metal and mowed the fields eventually baring fruit to become California’s lunatic left in the 1970’s.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
(Order of Baal) are a typical San Francisco charity group.  They pursue Progressive Social Justice by ridiculing anything other people find of lasting value.  Their purpose in life is to degrade, make base, and to cause disgust.  They are typical Bay Area phenomena.  If you like the looks of Sister Wacko and Bishop Beelzebub you’ll really love San Francisco.
The very lovely Sister Wacko
This is Bishop Beelzebub
San Francisco, open your Golden Gate, we can't afford to wait.  With attractions like Wacko and Beelzebub, family's must be flocking to the Bay area to enjoy a relaxing vacation.  Hey!  You may get to watch a Wino pee on the street! On June 30th of 2013, the inhabitants of San Francisco celebrated their fealty to Baal with a parade.  It was joyous.  Naked men bouncing down the parade route, their almost naked bodies painted garish colors.  Men in alleys, celebrating Baal’s benevolence by indulging in public oral sex.  City officials in shiny new "green" automobiles smiling broadly and waving to Baal’s followers along the route of the Parade.  What a day for family’s!  What a day for the children of San Francisco!  The good news is they’ll do it all over again next year.
For FNO by Beatrice Bumblechoke

Abraham Lincoln 

16th President of the United States.
Led Nation through Civil War.



Abe Lincoln said:
"The ballot is stronger than the bullet."


  The Planned Second Holocaust 


Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are holding up one finger, meaning so far there has only been one Jewish Holocaust, but soon with Iran’s help, there will be a second. 

What Is Hamas?  Hamas is the terrorist group elected overwhelmingly to run the Gaza Strip, a strip of land next to Israel.  The Gaza Strip is inhabited by groups of people who call themselves Palestinians … Palestine is a term invented by the British when they were the colonial rulers of the Middle East after World War One.  Before the British, the Ottoman Turks ruled the area … the Ottomans were and are Muslim.  The leaders of Hamas have repeatedly rejected Israels’ right to exist, as have the Iranians.  Hamas has called for the murder of JEWS all over the world … that is, they have instructed their followers and fans to murder Jews anywhere in the world where they are found.  And we have at least four members of Congress who openly support Hamas and their Palestinian and Iranian enablers. And it is common knowledge that the so-called Palestinian leaders and the leaders of the outlaw nation of Iran are actively planning for a second Holocaust. 

Let’s take a moment and go over a little recent history… Didn’t the Democrat Congresswomen:  Alexandria Cascio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tablib, and Ayanna Pressley say that anyone who supported President Donald Trump was a Racist … because Trump is a Racist?  If that is so, then it must follow that anyone who supports Hamas and the outlaw state of Iran—whose leaders have ordered their followers to murder Jews wherever they are found—are also Anti-Jewish Racists and by proxy are also wanna-be murderers. This includes Hamas supporters in the Congress like AOC, Omar, Talib, and Pressley—and if Nancy Pelosi (the octogenarian Speaker of the House of Representatives) stands behind these wanna-be murderers, then Nancy Pelosi is also a Racist and a wanna-be murderer.  These hate-filled Congresspeople hate the entire Race of Jews so much that anything done to them is okay … if Hamas fires rockets by the thousands indiscriminately into Israel’s neighborhoods … that’s okay with them.       




The Democrat Party is becoming more and more anti-Semitic; that is, more and more men and women within the Party have an unreasoning, sick hatred for people born into the Jewish Race.  There are reports that a high-ranking Democrat recently was overheard saying,  “Any leader of Hamas could speak on the campus of Harvard at any time, but the Prime Minister of Israel would be booed off the campus, if not beaten severely … Progressives just don’t like Jews.”  So, where does all this Jew-hate come from within the Democrat Party?  From the same place, most of the insane ideas generally held by Democrats come from… ideas such as the idiotic Democrat charge that America is systemically racist.  Well, think about it, if America is systemically racist because most of the population is White, then Israel must be systemically racist as well; after all, most Israeli’s are White.  And that’s how most of the brightest bulbs in the Democrat pack think.  Also, many members of the Democrat Party support a man considered to be an overt anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the thoroughly despicable Nation of Islam.  Louis Farrakhan, along with AOC, Omar, Talib, and Pressley, are all waiting breathlessly for that second Holocaust to begin.  And, according to some recent intelligence, the Iranians already have several sites pinpointed for future torture/concentration camps.  Rumor has it; one Iranian site is in the Gaza Strip, one is in Syria, and another one is in Lebanon.  But is it merely a rumor?  Recently a traveler in a remote region of Lebanon spotted a large vacant space containing several long gray buildings, all of it fenced off by a fifteen-foot high chain-link fence, except for a large locked gate, above which was a sign, reading … Arbeit Macht Frei …  So, who else supports Farrakhan within the Democrat Party?  Well, almost every member of the Democrat’s Black Caucus supports Louis Farrakhan, and practically every one of them have voiced praise for this vicious anti-Semitic hater, which means, of course, most of them are anti-Semites themselves also awaiting the second Holocaust. 

And it is not generally known, but in the heady days when Joe Biden and his mentor and friend (the former Ku Klux Klansman) Robert Byrd used to get together for a few shots of Kentucky bourbon, they would liberally sprinkle the air with anti-Semitic jokes.   But, when the Senator from New York,  Jacob Javits (who was Jewish), heard about their jokes, he warned both of them that he would make their sense of humor public if he heard such rumors in the future.  After that, the two of them only did their drinking in private, away from prying ears. And, Robert Byrd, the Majority Leader of the Senate, approved a favorite earmark for the man he after that named the Great Senator from New York … Senator Javits.  And Javits took to calling Joe Biden the man from Wilmington’s Local 360.  Local 360 of the Wilmington, Delaware Teamster’s Union was the most corrupt labor union in the country.   

The photographs to the left and below are of the four most hate filled Congresswomen in the House of Representatives.  Their friends in Hamas have vowed to murder Jews anywhere in the world.  


Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

An article by… Codwyler Pecknsniff             April, 2016


Today the radical organization Hamas rules the area known as the Gaza Strip.   Gaza is the historical home of the Philistines of the bible… the Philistines were not Muslims they were Iron-age warriors who had migrated down the coast from what is present day Turkey.  Gaza is a band-aide sized strip of land bordering Egypt in the south, the Mediterranean Sea on the west and Israel to the north and to the east.  For decades Israel occupied the territory but eventually decided to give the “Palestinian” occupants… autonomy.  Immediately the occupants, in a free election, voted overwhelmingly to have the radical terror group Hamas rule over them.   

The Palestinians of Gaza voted Hamas into power just like the Germans of 1938 voted for Hitler and his Nazi Party and handed them power.  Hamas has roots in their parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, which nearly took over Egypt after the fall of the dictator Mubarak.  However, the most democratic organization in Egypt today, the military, swept the Muslim Brotherhood aside and established democratic order… saving the country from chaos.

Some observers deny there is a tight relationship between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, however, the Hamas Charter states… The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times. It is characterized by its deep understanding, accurate comprehension and its complete embrace of all Islamic concepts in all aspects of life, culture, creed, politics, economics, education, justice and judgment and the spreading of Islam.  The Brotherhood educates the masses concerning modern education, art, organs of information, science of the occult and the conversion to Islam of the people of the world.

Moreover, Hamas quotes Hassan Al-Banna, an Egyptian and Nazi sympathizer who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in several passages from their written charter.  There is no doubt that Hamas views itself as a part of the Brotherhood and an ideological heir of Hassan al Banna.  The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned any number of radical Islamic movements including Al-Qaeda and ISIS. 

Hamas takes its marching orders from a passage out of the Koran (the Muslim holy book)… The Prophet (Muhammad), Allah blesses him and grants him salvation… has said:

"The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews."

The meaning contained within this passage from the Koran is clear… Allah promises the faithful Muslim that all Jews will eventually be murdered.  In the Middle East there is at least one group of Muslims who enthusiastically embrace this passage…. Hamas!  Hamas (Islamic Residence Movement) aspires to the realization of this promise… no matter how long that realization should take." 

The Roots of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Both these terror organizations are offshoots of the NAZI movement during World War Two.  Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are remnants of Nazi Germany.  During the sixties, seventies, and eighties, there was a great concern for something dubbed the “Odessa” file.  Supposedly, the Odessa file was made up of thousands of Nazi officers who had escaped from the rubble of their defeated fatherland after WWII with millions of dollars.  These officers were thought to have gone underground with the purpose of using their fortune to reconstitute the Nazi movement at a later date.  Whether or not there actually was an Odessa movement is immaterial, because the real inheritors of the Nazi movement are Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, al Quaeda and ISIS.

Hamas has roots in the sinister ministry of the Palestinian leader Haj Amin al Hussseini… The Grand Mufti of Palestine.  Huesseini was the undisputed leader of the ethnic group that adopted the name Palestinian when they moved out of their homeland in Jordan and into the Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria (present day Israel).  They moved into those lands with the express purpose of pushing the Jews out of their homeland.  They were an occupying force.  After WWI the victorious British had gained control of the Middle East and occupied the areas of present day Israel and renamed the whole area “the Palestinian Mandate”.  The British Empire was… as was most of Europe… virulently anti-Semitic, and of course they sided with Jordanian Arabs for the most part.

Prior to WWII the Jordanian Bedouins were given support from Hitler and his henchmen and they became committed allies of the Nazis.  During the war Palestinians sided with the Nazis but there was not much they could do to support Hitler within the territory of the British Mandate… the Empire continued to exert an iron-fisted control.  As a result of their sympathy for the Nazi’s, Jordanian Muslims lost some luster in British eyes, especially during the period when the British fought the Germans almost alone for many years.  Albeit, even with their support for Hitler, when incidents of Palestinians slaughtering Jews during the war years they received very little justice from the British.  The Mufti, however, feeling frustrated in his efforts to fight for Germany from Jerusalem, fled to Berlin where he stayed throughout war.  From Berlin he began raising Muslim battalions for Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.  There was one Muslim group that was indispensable to the Mufti’s effort…  Joseph Goebbels referred to that group by a familiar name… the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood was given a mandate to recruit fighters from Middle Eastern countries not under the British rule.  They recruited thousands of men from various countries and introduced Muslims to that special Nazi brand of virulent anti-Semitic hatred.  These radicals formed the core that carried the virus of HATE back into all the countries of the Middle East after the war.

During the war the Mufti lived in splendid luxury in a magnificent Berlin apartment and after Germany was defeated---and the gravy train tipped over---he scurried back into the British Mandate Area where he began to rally Jordanian Arabs, attempting to shape them into a cohesive political force.

A special favorite of Hitler’s and of the Mufti’s was, Otto Skorzeny, an SS Colonel and German Commando who had been dubbed the most dangerous man in Europe.  After the collapse of the Third Reich… Skorzeny escaped from Germany and eventually ended up as Special Military Advisor to the Egyptian Dictator, Gamal Abdel-Nasser.  Skorzeny had been highly recommended for the post by the Mufti.  Nassar was undoubtedly the most admired Muslim in the Middle East after WWII and was worshipped by Muslims.  Nasser gave Skorzeny a free hand.  Hitler’s favorite commando used the prodigious resources handed over to him by the Egyptian Dictator to spread that special Nazi brand of Jew Hatred throughout the Middle East.  He was responsible for forming several radical terror groups including empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and taking a young Arab terrorist named, Yasser Arafat, Under his wing.  The German helped Arafat establish Fatah (one of the first military-type terror organizations) and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  Otto Skorzeny’s protégé dedicated his life to murdering Jews and was even responsible for the birth of Hamas which later decided Arafat was too timid and turned against him. 

In the photo above, on the left, Gamal Abdel Nasser… in the middle, the Nazi Skorzeny… and on the right, his protégé Yasser Arafat.

After WWII, the Palestinians were forced to accept a resolution passed by the United Nations whereby the land the British had named Palestine was divided between Jordanian Arabs who now called themselves Palestinians and Israeli Jews.  The 1948 United Nations Resolution gave the Jews back their homeland for the first time in two thousand years.  The Mufti was incensed… he gave orders that when the UN Mandate came into effect the Palestinians were to rise up and kill the Jews and take the whole land by force.  He recruited thousands of Muslims from nearby countries to fight beside his Nazi legions.  Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians... all swore to kill Jews and drive them from Israel.  They failed miserably.  With God on their side… the Israelis defeated the Muslims in spectacular fashion and Skorzeny lost favor with his mentor Nasser.  From then on the former Nazis maintained a low profile while still going on to spread his hate doctrine among the populations of the Middle East.  Later, out of favor with Nasser, Skorzeny drifted from safe haven to safe haven and eventually sought refuge in Franco’s Spain where he died of cancer in the nineteen-seventies.  Skorzeny is gone but the terror he helped create thrives… al Quaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram and dozens of others. 

    This article first appeared in FNO April of 2016


An opinion by FNO editorial writer... Joseph Holman               April, 2012

Something tells me old buddy, you and your Progressive hero, Che Guevara, have a lot in common.

The following rant took place at a pro illegal immigration rally on a major college campus in California. The speaker was a rabid Barrack Obama supporter making use of the illegal immigration wedge issue (race baiting) to ratchet up the level of mob rage.  The guy is a history teacher in public schools!!!.  Here is a quote from his pathetic rant, “Why is it that these people, these frail, racist white people, want to keep us out of this country?”  After spouting this bit of stupidity he was not finished and went on ranting and raving, as only a certain type of loud mouth simpleton can, ending with, “When you hear from our Commandantes, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales... Brazil, Equador, you name it, we have nine left of center governments in Latin America right now. And they know that one young Argentine, Che Guevara, said... it was called the domino theory. And he knew that every single country would fall, one after the other, after the other,”

Che Guevara is obviously a hero to this intellectually challenged "teacher".  One more racist paranoid-sociopath heard from.  I wonder if this jerk teaches his young public school charges the truth about his hero Che Guevara.  Well, if he doesn't here's a lesson plan for him...

Even as a young man, Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s writings reveal a serious mental disorder. “My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any defeated man or woman that falls into my hands!  With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!” This is from Che Guevara’s infamous “Motorcycle Diaries,”

Che Guerverra was almost certainly an un-diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenic.  He was obsessed with hate; he wrote the following about himself and his own hate nature, “It is best to adopt a nature of Hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him a violent and cold-blooded killing machine.”

When a Paranoid Schizophrenic attains power, like so many other Hitler clones that come to mind, the results are predictable.

After the mostly bloodless Cuban Revolution Che’s bloodlust was not satisfied so he ensconced himself in the La Cabana fortress and redesigned it as sort of a Disneyland for Che.  “Executions?” Che Guevara exclaimed while addressing the United Nations General Assembly Dec. 9, 1964. “Certainly we execute!” he declared, to the raucous claps and cheers of the member states. “And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the death against the revolution’s enemies!”

Who were the “revolution’s enemies” who went to the wall under Che Guevara?   Some of those marked for death included; homosexuals, priests, nuns, vagrants, mentally deficient individuals and civil servants under the Batista regime.  He is said to have sent between 500 and several thousand persons to the wall, the exact number will never be known.  But, by his own proud account, Che estimated he had executed about 2,500 persons.  The additional number of citizens executed without any legal process, even a sham trial, is not known.

“I don’t need proof to execute a man,” Che growled to a lickspittle Progressive Judge in 1959. “I only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him! … Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. We execute from revolutionary conviction.”

As the communist commander of the prison/execution yard, Che often shattered the skull of the condemned individual by firing the coup de grace himself. When other duties tore him away from his beloved execution yard, he consoled himself by viewing the slaughter. Che’s second-story office in La Cabana had a section of wall torn out so he could watch his darling firing squads at work.

A Romanian journalist named Stefan Bacie visited Cuba in early 1959 and was fortunate enough to get an audience with the already famous Socialist-Progressive hero. Upon entering the chief executioner’s office, Bacie saw Che motioning him over to the office’s newly constructed window.


The cowardly Che Guevara minutes before final justice was meted out there in the mountains of Bolivia.  So long Sucker!

Bacie got there just in time to hear the command of “Fuego!” hear the blast from the firing squad and see the skull of the condemned prisoner explode against the wall in a splatter of gore.  The journalist ran out and vomited.

Carlos Machado was 15 years old in 1963 when the bullets from the firing squad shattered his body. His twin brother and father collapsed beside Carlos from the same volley. All had resisted Castro’s and Che’s theft of their humble family farm.

Rigoberto Hernandez was 17 when Che’s soldiers dragged him from his cell in La Cabana, jerked his head back to gag him and started dragging him to the stake. Little “Rigo” pleaded his innocence to the very bloody end. But his pleas were garbled and difficult to understand. His struggles while being gagged and bound to the stake were also awkward. The boy had been a janitor in a Havana high school and was mentally retarded. His single mother had pleaded his case with hysterical sobs. She begged, and finally proved to his “prosecutors” that it was a case of mistaken identity.  Her only son, a boy in such a condition, couldn’t possibly have been “a CIA agent planting bombs.” “Fuego!” and the firing squad volley riddled Rigo’s little bent body as he moaned and struggled awkwardly against his bounds, blindfold and gag. Remember the gallant Che Guevara’s instructions to his revolutionary courts: “Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail

The acrid odor of gunpowder and blood very rarely reached Guevara’s nostrils from actual combat. It came mostly from the close-range murders of unarmed and defenseless men and women (and boys).  Che Guevara was a sniveling rat.  When he secretly traveled to Bolivia to create revolution and set the dominos to falling, he failed, as he did at everything he ever tried.  After arriving in Bolivia he contacted the Bolivian Communist Party and ordered them to support the great Che Guevara in his role as Supreme Commander.  Little did the Delusional Sociopath know that another Delusional Sociopath, Fidel Castro, had contacted the Bolivian Communist leaders and instructed them, “Not as much as an aspirin.”  Meaning that if Che gets a headache they were not to give him the support of as much as an aspirin.  Che was abandoned.  Indeed using the Bolivian Communists, Castro constantly fed the CIA and Bolivian government information on Che Guevara’s whereabouts.

One of the few instances when Che Guervera actually faced other men in combat came toward his ignominious end in the mountains of Bolivia.  Most of the time he had stayed hidden near the rear of his entrenchments, allowing his idolaters to die for the revolution.  Then, with his men doing exactly what he had ordered (fighting and dying to the last bullet), a slightly wounded Che crawled away from the firefight and surrendered with fully loaded weapons while whimpering to his captors: “Don’t Shoot! I’m Che. I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”   Nothing distinguished Che more from his comrades than his megalomania and, of course, his sniveling cowardice.

The Bolivians who captured him viewed the situation somewhat differently than Che. When the CIA trained hero of Bolivia entered the room where the slightly wounded Che Guevara cried like a girl.  He raised his pistol.  Che begged, “Please, Dios Mio!  Mercy!”  The Bolivian remembered the reports he had read about the La Cabana Fortress and fired the shot that sent Che Guevara directly to Hell. 

The CIA trained hero who fired that shot never had one moment of bruised conscience about the justice meted out in that tiny room.