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Saul Alinsky (1909 – 1972) was a Chicago Radical and Insurrectionist who founded the Industrial Areas Foundation (the IAF), essentially a Left-Wing organization headquartered in Chicago. Alinsky admired Karl Marx—the Nineteenth Century German Insurrectionist who co-authored the widely circulated Communist Manifesto—although, like most American Marxists, Alinsky never referred to himself as such. Mostly, Alinsky lived a life of obscurity—known mainly among extreme Left Wingers—except, for the most significant work attributed to him, a textbook published for Left-Wing Insurrectionists, entitled … Rules for Radicals.

Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to an individual he respected greatly, as do most of today’s Left Wingers. Alinsky’s dedication was to the individual who he recognized as the first Radical; Alinsky wrote … “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical; from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer.”

Despite this dedication page, or perhaps because of it, Rules for Radicals was slurped up by the likes of Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrat Politicians and Radical Activists. Many upon reading the above quote suspect Alinsky deliberately constructed that paragraph in such a way as to disguise his full meaning from anyone except American Communists and Socialist Insurrectionists.

The FNO journalists who filed this expose wants our readers to be clear about what Alinsky meant, so they made a couple of insignificant changes to the sentence, which more accurately reveal Alinsky’s true meaning … Lest we forget to give an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the first Radical; that entity from all our legends, mythology, and history—and who knows where mythology leaves off and history begins or even, which is which—the first Radical known to mankind, the one who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom … Lucifer.

Be clear about this … When Alinsky mentions the first Radical, he is referring to Satan. And when he talks about Satan getting his own kingdom, Alinsky is talking about HELL; in other words, Saul Alinsky admires Satan because Satan rebelled against heaven (against everything good) and got a kingdom that normal humans call … Hell.




Just above is a photo of Leandro Cerezo who was born in 1981 as a healthy Brazilian boy. However, later in life he decided he wanted to be a woman so he took some drastic steps toward that end. More than likely Leandro drifted into a homosexual lifestyle and began dreaming of being a beautiful woman. Most homosexual men never act on that dream but Leandro did. He decided on surgery. Men like Leandro often take female hormones prior to the sex change surgery and live their lives as an adult female for months… then; they have their penis surgically removed and the area turned into a vagina of sorts. After surgery he becomes a male who has taken advantage of various techniques to physically appear to be a female.

He is a man without a penis who looks like a female. BUT… he can never be female.

The BIOLOGY is settled.

Progressives refer to Leandro as Lea and recognize him as female. But, the Science is in… Leandro was and will always be a male, only… a male without a penis.  So, why do Progressives insist on denying the well-established Science? Because they want to believe that Science is what they say Science is…. It’s that simple. However, Progressives would explain that the reason is… they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. And, some of them may actually believe what they say, however, most don’t… they understand what’s really going on is political ideology.  Progressives have elevated the technique to a science of their own. If you want to be a Progressive in good standing you better say it… and believe it… until what you say aligns with “scientific” fact

Now back to Leandro…. In the lofty world of Brazilian fashion Leandro is highly sought after as a fashion model. Progressives are sooo very confused. There probably is not one Harvard trained "Scientist" of the Liberal persuasion who would deny that Leandro is a female but we know because of Science they are wrong.

Men cannot be women and women cannot be men. 

So why does the Democrat Party deny basic Science? 

Because the Ideology is settled… not the Science!



Vladimir Illyich Lenin


Led Bolsheviks
in 1917 Russian Revolution.


Vladimir Lenin said,
“A lie told often enough becomes truth”


Communist Chinese Spy… Major Fang Fang

by Constance Dolittle

February, 2021

Her name is Fang Fang, and she is most likely a Major in the People’s Army of Communist China; she is now in her late thirties or early forties and reportedly has been seen on at least two occasions in Beijing, China, wearing the uniform of a Major in the People’s Army of Communist China. However, when Fang Fang first came to the United States in early 2011, she represented herself as an innocent college-age student and immediately began calling herself Christine Fang upon entering California State University outside San Francisco, California, under that name. Subsequently, Christine Fang spent her time developing ties with mostly young left-wing politicians, all of them Democrats. Reports suggest she was successful in developing relationships with more than one mayor of an American city, mostly smaller cities. It’s true Fang Fang seems to have concentrated on younger Democrats, but she was not ageist and pursued liaisons with older Democrats as well. One of these was a mayor described as “an older gentleman,” who reportedly told everyone—at a 2014 Washington DC conference—that Christine Fang was his girlfriend. A witness who was present at the gathering said the mayor, appearing to be inebriated, insisted the pair’s relationship was the real deal despite their age difference; Fang was in her twenties, and the mayor was in his eighties. At one point, the mayor asked Fang why she was into him, and she allegedly replied that she needed to improve her English.

Fang Fang’s spying operation first came to the notice of some honest FBI Agents when she was spotted meeting with a Communist Military Attaché stationed at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco whom the FBI had under surveillance. Agents were routinely tracking the Attache’s activities at the time, suspecting he was an active spy for Communist China who the People’s Republic had embedded within the Embassy. So, when Fang Fang began having numerous meetings near the Embassy with their suspect, she drew the FBI’s attention. Luckily, the Agents who were monitoring the Chinese Attaché were younger men, who had not yet come under the spell of James Brien Comey Jr (Director of the FBI at the time); that is; they were still honest; they had not been corrupted and were still interested in protecting America. Remember this… the Federal Bureau of Investigation, from 2008 through 2016, was Barrack Hussein Obama Jr’s FBI. Obama’s FBI was led by his cronies James Brien Comey Jr and Andrew George McCabe Jr. And… In the opinion of tens of millions of Americans, Comey Jr and McCabe Jr were two of the most corrupt individuals ever employed by American law enforcement. Therefore, not unexpectedly… Comey Jr’s FBI was the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight… more interested in rehashing the Cold War Years than in potential Chinese Communist Spies cozying up to low-level Democrat politicians from Silicon Valley. Can you say… Russia… Russia… Russia? Information has leaked out, which has come to the attention of FNO… that on one occasion, the FBI recorded one of Christine Fang’s sexual dalliances with an older gentleman—a Northern California Democrat—that took place in a parked automobile. The story goes; that anyone listening to the FBI tape recording would hear the older gentlemen complaining about his blue pill not working, and Christine Fang is purported to be heard saying, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter… there are other things we can do that are pleasurable.” Then, for the next two minutes, all that is heard on the FBI recording is rustling and murmuring.


Above we have a photograph of a Fang Fang Sandwich.  Major Fang Fang sandwiched in between two powerful Democrat Congressmen from California..

According to news reports, by 2011, Fang Fang (aka Christine Fang) was bundling campaign contributions for Northern California, Democrat-Congressman Eric Swalwell, and by 2015 had even planted an intern in the Democrat’s Congressional office. Numerous reports have cited unnamed current and former U.S. Intelligence Officials who testified that Fang had developed ties with any number of Democrat politicians, but her closest ties were with Swalwell. Fang Fang began supporting Swalwell’s political career in early 2011 when he was merely a city councilman in Dublin, California; her efforts on Swalwell’s behalf exhilarating after his election to Congress and certainly after he had become a BFF* of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Fang raised bundles of cash (was it Communist Chinese cash?) to help Swalwell’s campaigns.




Another text. Soon enough, her activities on the Congressman’s behalf seem to have paid dividends when Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed the freshman Congressman to the House Committee on Intelligence… What more could a Communist Spy who is sleeping with that Congressman ask for… Can you say… Pillow talk? *Note: The term BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. At this point in our expose, we need to pause to give our readers the following facts…. Purportedly, the following inside information was leaked out to various News sources by a Whistleblower who works in the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington D. C. No one has yet been able to discover the Whistleblower’s identity, and FNO is sworn to secrecy regarding anything we may know about that person’s identity for reasons that his or her life would certainly be in danger if his or her name were revealed. Nancy Pelosi is not kind to her perceived political enemies. Now, here is the story… Sometime after Northern California Congressman Swalwell was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee by the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi… Andrew George McCabe Jr was working in his plush seventh-floor office in the J. Edgar Hoover Building when a memo came across his desk (McCabe Jr was Assistant Director for the FBI at the time) about the Congressman’s sexual escapades with the suspected spy. McCabe Jr immediately rushed next door to James Brien Comey Jr’s office and whispered into the bosses’ ear. Almost at once, Comey Jr instructed senior FBI agents to brief Swalwell on what the FBI knew. Comey Jr then initiated a hush-hush investigation of the suspected spy.


Eric Swalwell, California Congressman, standing beside Christine Fang (real name Fang Fang), while behind them in the background is a red flag with communist symbolism. Does Swalwell know? Or is all he can think of is where his right hand is?

Now back to undisputed facts… Shortly after receiving an emergency briefing from senior FBI officials about the surveillance by young Agents of his torrid sexual dalliances with Christine Fang, Swalwell is purported to have gone berserk and immediately contacted someone within the Congress who leaned on Comey Jr. Unnamed source have reported that file collected by the honest young Agent’s was destroyed and the two Agents were assigned to remote offices the FBI maintains in the far reaches of Alaska. After that, having been warned by the men who ran Barrack Hussien Obama Jr’s FBI that the secret of his torrid sexual dalliances with Christine Fang—the purported Communist spy—was out, Swalwell rushed back to California; and, within days, Fang Fang had disappeared from view and has not been seen in the United States since. Later, when news reports came out regarding Congressman Swalwell’s sexual relationship with a communist spy, Swalwell’s office issued a statement saying that he had cut ties with Fang as soon as the FBI provided him a defensive briefing on the matter in 2015. Since then, there are unsubstantiated reports that Christine Fang has been spotted at least twice in Beijing wearing the uniform of a Major in Communist China’s People’s Army.

There is one final fact our readers may find interesting… Since 2015, Swalwell, his father, and his brother have been conducting an email correspondence with Fang. And Swalwell continues to receive campaign funds from Big Tech firms that make mega-billions in Communist-controlled China, which Christine Fang originally developed for the Congressman. In summery… Eric Swalwell was elected to Congress with the help of the Communist Chinese; his longtime companion, his mistress with whom he had a torrid sexual relationship, raised funds for Swalwell when he was still merely a local politician. With the money raised by Fang—who it turns out has been a Chinese Communist spy since 2011 when she came to America—Swalwell was able to finance his first run for a Congressional Seat. During that time, Fang was also having a sexual relationship with at least two northern California mayors—and others. Although, after landing Swalwell, she concentrated on raising money for him to finance his political rise to stardom. Fang bundled millions for his various races; where all the money came from is unknown. Most of the money was probably funneled to Swalwell’s campaigns from Big Tech entities in Silicon Valley who have a vested interest in destroying the America First campaign and sending Big Tech jobs to Communist China. Christine Fang was certainly a honey… A real live… honey pot! Note: Sometime during 2015, Barrack Obama’s FBI, under the direction of James Brien Comey Junior, became worried about ties the Bureau had uncovered between Congressman Swalwell and Fang. They were terrified Fang’s activities would be discovered by investigative reporters employed by the Fox News Channel… so the FBI went to Swalwell and warned him about Fang’s extensive spying activities. At which point, Swalwell rushed back to California and purportedly met with Christine Fang. Shortly after that, Christine Fang left the United States and went back to Communist China, never to return. Questions: • Who warned Major Fang Fang that the FBI was on to her? • Was the reason Obama’s FBI warned Swalwell about the spy was so the Congressman could warn Fang Fang to get out of the country? • Was James Brien Comey Jr’s FBI concerned about taking the heat off the Bureau’s budding Crossfire Hurricane Investigation?



FOR FNO  FALL 20119    

For those who might not know… Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, located on the eastern side of the Pearl River in Southern China.  Hong Kong has over 7.4 million people of various nationalities.  The enclave began as a colonial outpost of Great Britain.  The British ruled Colonial Hong Kong for one hundred years, which gave the citizens of the enclave a taste for freedom… freedom that doesn’t exist in mainland China.  Hong Kong was under the rule of the British until 1997 when the British mandate over the area ran out and the English were forced to turn the area back over to the Chinese central government.  However, before Great Britain departed, they managed to craft a deal by which the government of the People’s Republic would ensure the CIVIL RIGHTS of the citizens of Hong Kong would remain untouched by the mainland for at least fifty years.   Thereafter, the government in mainland China made a big show of instituting a policy which they labeled as a one country, two systems policy. 

Consequently, it appears the Communist controlled dictatorship of mainland China has had second thoughts about allowing so much freedom in Hong Kong.  Could freedom spread to the mainland?  Therefore, the masters in Beijing crafted a law mandating that all persons in the enclave accused of a crime be transported to the mainland for trial.  The mainland communist courts have a 97% conviction rate. 

So now, with many in Hong Kong seeing the handwriting on the wall for the future of their beloved enclave, they are restless.  Restless for some agreement with the mainland that will ensure they retain some semblance of the freedom they previously enjoyed... even under Colonial rule. 

However, the Communists may also see the handwriting on the wall… MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN.

The head of the Communist Party rules over his vast red empire with an iron fist and isn’t about to let a tiny freedom loving enclave break away and make its own rules apart from the Collective.  Having once demonstrated to the world their resolve when tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square in 1989 to brutally crush the will of the people of China to have just a tiny bit of freedom… is the Chinese dictatorship poised to repeat that barbaric performance all over again. 

If that is so… after Hong Kong can Taiwan be far behind?  The Juggernaut rears an ugly head. 

Mass protests were first sparked by that extradition proposal from the People’s Republic of China (mentioned earlier) which would have sent suspects to face trial in mainland China where the Communist Party controls the courts.  However, since then, the protests have evolved into a demand for full human rights and police accountability.  Popular backlash to the proposed law prompted two million people to march in the streets in June 2019 according to organizers’ estimates.  In response, Hong Kong Administrator, Carrie Lam (appointed by the mainland Communist Party), declared work on the bill suspended.  But her announcement, and later insistence that the bill was “dead,” did little to mollify the angry crowds, as many feared the measure could be revived at a later date.   

See the photo below of the aftermath of the 1989 massacre in Beijing in the main square.  

Here is a photo the People of mainland China will never see.  The photo shows the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989.  The Communist government of the People’s Republic of China mowed down the protesters---who were there in the Square asking for a modicum of Freedom---without mercy.  Just like the Communists of the old Soviet Union, in decades past, rolled their merciless tanks into Hungary and later into Czechoslovakia, during the cold war, in order to massacre the people of those nations who had the audacity to want freedom. 

After Communist tanks rolled over the college students in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government immediately began covering up their crimes.  There are still young men and women who, having yearned for some freedom, participated in the Tiananmen Square protests and are running and/or in hiding, fearful for their lives, while many others spent years in reeducation camps and in Communist China’s version of the Gulag Archipelago.  Will Hong Kong be next?   

However, the massacre in Tiananmen Square is not the only lesson form history regarding the tactics of the Chinese government in Beijing, perhaps Hong Kong’s 8 million should also take a lesson from the sad history of China’s Uyghur minority: 

The Uyghurs are a minority located in far western China in the province of Xinjiang---which is a resource-rich area long inhabited by Turkic-speaking ethnic Uyghurs.  The Uyghurs are Muslims.  And thousands of Muslims are currently being detained at political re-education camps in China's far-western region of Xinjiang.  "Every household, every family had three or four people taken away," said Omer Kanat, of the World Uyghur Congress, an umbrella group for Uyghurs.  One recent news report put the number of Uyghurs confined at 120,000 in horrendous conditions in just one region according to Radio Free Asia, a US Congress-funded station known for its extensive Uyghur reporting.  Tensions have remained high and the Chinese authorities have blamed several recent incidents on Muslim Uyghur separatists seeking to establish an independent state.  The situation remains increasingly bleak for the 10 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang, where the government has been waging unrelenting campaigns against what it calls the forces of "terrorism, separatism and religious extremism."

Update:  September 2019:  Here in the United States a number of Senators have spoken out about the totalitarian movement within the government of the People’s Republic of China.  Some have mentioned the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 when China’s Government used tanks and bullets to quash the aspirations of millions of Chinese for a modicum of freedom and for just a bit of loosening of the chains of the Communist Party.  Predictably, China’s government has reacted strongly to those American authorities who have spoken out by telling Americans that China will not tolerate interference in the affairs of Hong Kong which the Communists consider an integral part of mainland China and under the thumb of the Government.  Chinese authorities have ranted about terror, equating Hong Kong’s demonstrators with terrorists, which of course is the same tactic they took with the Uyghurs of northeast China.  Have the United States elected officials been cowered?  No!  Recently Senator Marco Rubio (Republican, Florida) remarked:  "The US must send a strong message that we stand with those peacefully advocating for freedom and the rule of law and against Beijing’s growing interference in Hong Kong affairs,” 

And… in July of 2019… one of the most powerful leaders in the government of the United States, the Majority Leader of the Senate (Mitch McConnel, Republican from the state of Kentucky) spoke out and made the following observations:  “The Chinese Communist Party, for example, is working to extend its control and influence everywhere from Taiwan, to Cambodia, to Laos, to Burma, to Hong Kong, as we’ve seen recently. The tools and tactics may differ, but the goal is the same: Beijing wants to bend its neighbors to its will. Earlier this month, after historic protests, Hong Kong’s government hit pause on legislation that would have further eroded its autonomy and invited more meddling from the mainland. But victory for freedom and autonomy is not yet assured. The bill in question has been suspended, but it hasn’t been totally withdrawn. 

Hong Kong’s people, emboldened by this rare victory over Beijing’s creeping influence, have continued to exercise their freedom of assembly to reclaim the rights, privileges, and autonomy slowly sliced away in recent years by the PRC. Protests continue, and with them, countervailing pressures from authorities beholden to Beijing.  Increasingly brutal police tactics and pro-Mainland vigilantes are drawing blood in an effort to intimidate Hong Kongers back into submission.”

Note:  The 1997 agreement between Great Britain and China states, Hong Kong is to “enjoy a high degree of autonomy, except in foreign and defense affairs,” effective until June 30, 2047. This mutual understanding is the basis of the “one country, two systems” arrangement under which Hong Kong supposedly now operates.  Despite this agreement, leaders in Beijing continue their high-intensity campaign of pressure and repression to subdue dissent within Hong Kong, which has inadvertently emboldened the people of Hong Kong to stand up against Beijing.


Galileo Galilei, the Father of Science …

In 1633AD, the Italian government under which Galileo Galilei (The father of Modern Physics) lived was all-powerful. One could even refer to that form of government as BIG GOVERNMENT. At the center of 1633AD’s BIG GOVERNMENT in Italy was the Church. And at the head of ITALY’S BIG GOVERNMENT was Pope Urban VIII. Urban VIII was born Maffeo Barberini in Florence in 1568AD into a family of powerful Italian Politicians and, as a result, in 1633AD, Barberini was made Pope and became the head of Italy’s BIG GOVERNMENT.

Maffeo Barberini took the name Urban VIII.

Under Urban VIII’S rule over the Italian Church (BIG GOVERNMENT), the church hierarchy was filled with Barberini family members; Urban was a big believer in helping out family members with big paying powerful jobs inside the government … nothing much has changed since Urban’s day; consider the Biden Regime here in America … think of Hunter Biden.

In addition to being a big believer in nepotism, Barberini also spent enormous sums of the CHURCH’S money (BIG GOVERNMENT MONEY) on arms and weapons to pursue his ends in a murderous and very bloody THIRTY YEARS WAR against Spain and Austria’s Hapsburg's—the powerful Hapsburg's were a threat to Urban’s hold on the Italian Government.

Also, Urban VIII was a big supporter of BIG GOVERNMENT’S role in controlling access to the HOLY Scriptures; in his day, the authorities solemnly declared that only the Church could interpret the Scriptures authentically and that private interpretation was forbidden. Furthermore, the Church persecuted men and women who attempted to worship Jesus Christ as their LORD and SAVIOR. Thus, all worship was under the control of the BIG GOVERNMENT CHURCH, e.g., under the power of the old men (many with the name Barberini) who ran the BIG GOVERNMENT CHURCH.

As a result, men and women who loved Jesus were mostly considered Outsiders or Insurrectionists because they wanted the freedom to worship Jesus however they wished. The attitudes of BIG GOVERNMENT toward authentic Christians in those days were much as it is today, except in Urban VIII’S day, the Outsiders and Insurrectionists were often burned at the stake … now they are blackballed, loose their jobs, and are erased from public discourse.

So this was the state of things in 1633AD when the writings of a somewhat obscure Mathematician/Astronomer named Galileo Galilei came to the attention of Italy’s BIG GOVERNMENT.  Especially a scientific paper Galileo had published under the title of the Dialogues in which Galileo supported the ideas of Copernicus—a Sixteenth-Century German Astronomer—regarding the relationship of the Earth to the Sun. Copernicus correctly stated that the Earth revolves around the Sun and that the Sun is at the center of the Universe, contrary to BIG GOVERNMENT SCIENCE. Likewise, Galileo supposed he was a man of Ideas and Science; but, BIG GOVERNMENT would not accept anyone departing from the Established Science. So, Urban VIII ordered the Inquisition to charge Galileo with criminal apostasy against the Proven Science … Urban’s Proven Science was that the Earth is stationary at the center of the Universe and that the Sun revolves around the Earth. All this is very reminiscent of the many scientists of 2021AD who refute BIG GOVERNMENT’S fantasy of “Global Warming.”

Today’s proponents of Urban VIII’S version of Science say that human beings cause Climate Change. True Scientists say the Earth’s climate is always changing that, for example; twenty thousand years ago, the Sahara Desert was a wondrous land, overgrown with vegetation, a place of rivers, lakes, and palm trees. And twenty-five thousand years from now, it will be very much the same again; the earth’s climate is always changing … That is Science.







The Sahara Desert was a Paradise twenty-five thousand years ago. 

In Galileo’s day, BIG GOVERNMENT had decided that the Science was closed that, indeed, the Sun did revolve around the Earth. All the esteemed Scientists of the day agreed with the official scientific view, but Galileo—in his Dialogues—had suggested something different, that perhaps the Sun was stationary in the Universe and the Earth moves around the Sun.

Italy’s BIG GOVERNMENT was shocked; the authorities found it intolerable that a mere scribbler could publicly express views contrary to those of the established “SCIENCE.”  As a result, Urban VIII personally ordered the Inquisition to arrest Galileo, at which point Italy’s BIG GOVERNMENT accused the Mathematician/Astronomer of heresy, and he was put on trial before the Inquisition.

At his trial, Galileo—perhaps with the odor of burning flesh in his nostrils—recanted, insisting he had never held unscientific ideas, such as the Copernican idea that the Sun is stationary and the Earth revolves around the Sun. And Galileo refuted the charge he had supported Copernican ideas in his written work entitled … Dialogues; wisely insisting he had never meant to advance non-science.

Statue of Copernicus in Warsaw Poland

Nevertheless, the Inquisition remained skeptical, and finally, BIG GOVERNMENT’S sentence was handed down …

• Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy,” namely of having held the opinions that the Sun lies motionless at the center of the Universe and the Earth moves about the Sun. The Inquisition stated that anyone who expressed the opinion that the Earth is not the center of the Universe was contradicting the Established Science. They further noted that for an individual such as Galileo to entertain opinions and defend ideas, as probable, after such opinions and ideas had been declared contrary to Established Science … was heresy.

• Galileo was required to “abjure, curse and detest” those opinions.

• Galileo was sentenced to formal imprisonment at the pleasure of the Inquisition. However, this was commuted to house arrest on the following day, which he remained under for the rest of his life.

• Galileo’s offending Dialogues was banned… and in a separate edit that was not announced at the trial … publication of any of Galileo’s works was forbidden, including any he might write in the future.

So much for Established Science…?