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FNO's Prestigious Emile Zola...

Courage in Journalism Award

Every year FNO will award our prestigious Emile Zola… Courage in Journalism award to one very special journalist on the world stage.  This year, the 2021 Emile Zola courage in Journalism Award goes to… Ymaiche Leone Alcindor for her/his courageous act when standing upright at the Joe Biden Press Conference in March of 2021; and daring to speak truth to power without regard to her/his own personal safety, she/him asked Mister Biden a question… But, she/him began her interrogation of the Democrat Politician by saying… “Thanks so much, Mr. President… the perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors…”

FNO congratulates Ms/Mr. Alcindor on this award.  Kudos!


Photo of Yamiche Leone Alcinder

Crack White House Correspondent for the PBS News Hour; and,

political contributor to NBC News and MSNBC cable news ‘n all

Every year FNO will award our prestigious Emile Zola… Courage in Journalism award to one very special journalist on the world stage.  This year, the 2021 Emile Zola courage in Journalism Award goes to… Ymaiche Leone Alcindor for her/his courageous act when standing upright at the Joe Biden Press Conference in March of 2021; and daring to speak truth to power without regard to her/his own personal safety, she/him asked Mister Biden a question… But, she/him began her interrogation of the Democrat Politician by saying… “Thanks so much, Mr. President… the perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors…”

FNO congratulates Ms/Mr. Alcindor on this award.  Kudos! 



Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F Kennedy,

the 35th President of the United States, in November of 1963


Oswald was an ex-Marine sharpshooter who had defected to the Soviet Union after being less than honorably discharged from the Marines.  While in the Soviet Union, Oswald attended the KGB terrorist school known as Patrice Lumumba University.  He later married a Russian woman and was sent back to the United States, where he was continually involved in extreme Left Wing political groups.  He murdered John F. Kennedy on orders from Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba and Oswald’s idol.  Lee Harvey Oswald never made it to trial; he was shot dead in the basement of the Dallas, Texas Police Department by Jack Ruby (a strangely effeminate man), who was deeply enamored of John Kennedy.


Joe Biden

48th. Vice President of the United States


Never the brightest bulb in the pack...

Joe Biden once said...

"This is a big F**king deal!"




Joe Biden's Long Association


The Italian Mafia



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So… take a look at Crazy Joe Biden… at seventy-eight years of age, has he lost a step?  Of course, he has, but he has the Biden Crime Family of Delaware propping him up.  Doctor Jill at his side, like a crutch.  So here are some interesting facts about Doctor Jill. 

Around 1910 Jill Biden’s paternal grandfather immigrated to America from an area in Sicily dominated by the Mafia (the Black Hand); the family name was Giacoppo; his full name was Dominic Giacoppo.  But, when Dominic arrived in America, he changed the family name from Giacoppo to Jacobs for some reason or other.  So, as a result, when  Jill Biden’s father was born, the name on his birth certificate was Jacobs.  Consequently, Dominic’s granddaughter  Jill wasn’t born as Jill Giacoppo; instead, she became Jill Jacobs. 

In 1977, Jill (Giacoppo) Jacobs (at the time her name was Stevenson) was still married to a very wealthy young man who owned The Stone Baloon; Bruce Springteins’s (Born in the USA) favorite haunt in New Jersey.  During the same period, 31-year-old Senator Joe Biden was still a recent widower.  Enter a wealthy young couple; political supporters named Stevenson, who soon after meeting the young Senator, became trusted friends.  Jill (Giacoppo) Jacobs-Biden’s  (now) former husband (a man named Bill Stevenson) insists that he and his young wife—although she came from a very wealthy family and was used to the finer things—were completely happy until they met Joe Biden.  Stevenson recently testified that, unbeknownst to him, his young wife was frequently running off to meet Joe Biden in hotel rooms (sometimes three or four times a week) for years before their divorce; being young and naïve, he never suspected anything was wrong with his marriage.  And, before Stevenson had a glimmer of what was going on, his young wife was divorcing him to marry Crazy Joe.  When they divorced, Stevenson was 26 years old, while Jill (Giocoppo) Jacobs-Stevenson was 23.   The young Senator had taken his friend John Kerry’s advice and married a wealthy woman (even richer after her lucrative divorce settlement), thereby funding Crazy Joe Biden’s political future.   

So now let’s jump ahead to the year 2005… Jill (Giacoppo) Jacobs-Biden has been married to extremely wealthy United States Senator Joe Biden for thirty years, and she is working part-time as a Community College Instructor… thereupon, Jill sets her sights upon getting a Ph.D. 

So by the year 2007, Jill (Giacoppo) Jacobs-Biden has a Ph.D. (a doctorate) in Education awarded to her from the University of Delaware.  After which, she immediately instructed her staff to refer to her in official printed materials, not as Jill Biden, Ph.D., but instead, they were forced to always refer to her publically (and privately) as… Doctor Jill Biden.  Think of this; if Jill’s Papa hadn’t changed the family name, she would have written her lackluster Ph.D. dissertation under the name Jill Giacoppo-Biden.  Hey!  Maybe that would have helped Crazy Joe get the Italian-American vote.  No, but wait!  Italian Americans are mostly European and white, which means they are saturated in White Privilege… Never mind. 

In any case… Jill Biden’s doctorate dissertation was entitled… Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting Students’ Needs, published under the name Jill Jacobs-Biden.  Unfortunately, it is not well written and illustrates Jill Biden’s limited intellectual capacity.  Certainly, she has real difficulty understanding fractions and percentages, as shown by the following quotation from her sloppy dissertation; “Three-quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one-quarter of the level will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino, and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.”  What?

Joe Biden doing a Mob Boss imitation while serving as Vice President in the ’90s.

However, Jill Biden is not the only dedicated Soldato within the Biden Crime Family… there’s also Crazy Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, “The Schemer.”  So, what is The Schemer’s particular skillset?  Well, no one seems to know other than chasing prostitutes and pulling on crack pipes.  Note:  Hunter, Schemer, Biden, was given a less than honorable discharge from the United States Navy for chronic drug use.  But his disgraceful dismissal did not seem to bother Communist China’s Overlords… They gave The Schemer over one hundred and fifty billion dollars to play around with while his father was Vice President of the United States (from 2006 through 2016) under Barrack Hussein Obama Junior.  During this period, The Schemer’s business partner was his Uncle, Jimmy,

Jimmy, The Friar, Biden (Joe Biden’s brother).  Let’s take a look at the business practices of Jimmy The Friar Biden.  In 2006 the Biden’s took control of a Hedge Fund Corporation called Paradigm Global Advisors.  Here’s how Joe The Friar Biden and Hunter The Schemer Biden began their first day on the job with PGA after taking charge of the corporation.  The first day on the job, the two Bidens stormed into Paradigm’s offices with two burly men from Wilmington, Delaware.  There were witnesses to these events… They are Whistleblowers who refuse to have their identities revealed for fear of their lives.

In any case… the witnesses describe the two men who entered the offices with the Bidens as having thick Italian accents.  One of the witnesses heard Hunter Biden refer to one of the thugs using the name Guido.  Upon entering the office, Jimmy The Friar stunned Paradigm Global Advisors’ employees by ordering the Corporation’s Chief of Compliance to fire the firm’s President.  After which, the two large Italian men escorted the deposed President out of the firm’s Manhattan offices.  Then, the Biden’s got down to business, calling all the executives to NYC for various meetings.  When, at one such meeting, someone asked the Biden’s how the firm was going to make money without investors, Jimmy Biden explained their business model, saying, “Don’t worry about investors, we’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”  Of course, he was speaking about his brother Crazy Joe Biden, the Senator from Delaware.  Crazy Joe Biden was the silent partner who no one could name in order to maintain… Plausible Deniability.  The Biden Crime Family has been raking in billions worldwide, financing at least part of their criminal enterprise.  


So… Why would the Mafia get involved in the 2020 national elections?  The answer is… Because they could! 

Aside from the fact… the Mafia has been an ally of the Democrat Party for decades and even has elected past Presidents by throwing states (under the tight fist of Big Labor) into a Democrat candidate’s orbit in past elections.  What did the Mafia have to gain in 2020?  Hasn’t the Mafia been destroyed during the past decades, their leaders tossed into prison?  No, and no way!  The myth is… The Mafia no longer exists in Las Vegas.  What a joke!   

Today, in the year 2021, younger, savvier bosses lead the new Mafia… The sons and nephews of those who went to prison in the nineties… better educated, more intelligent.  Mostly, they make their money off Big Labor and their stakes in industries of the future and their footholds in those industries into which they hope to make big inroads in the future—which means, of course, closely cooperating with the Democrat’s Billionaire Oligarchs, (the DBO’s). 

It may seem like somewhat of an oxymoron to some, but remember this; the Democrat Party (with the approval of their DBO’s) stands for less restrictive Labor regulations (outlawing Right to Work Laws in every state).  The Big Tech Moguls (most ARE DBO’s) have no fear of labor unions because they see them ultimately as an appendage of their employees in organized crime, and they are perfectly willing to share a portion of that CCP (Communist Party of China) Cash in order to reach their ends of obtaining ultimate power.  As a matter of fact, one of Crazy Joe Biden’s catch-phrases during those few trips he made outside his basement during the 2020 Presidential campaign was, “Better paying Union Jobs!”.  That phrase resonates with the Mafia Bosses; they have big plans to get their hands on more of that CCP cash.  One billion and a half Chinese citizens buying stuff makes the Mafia bosses drool just as much as it does DBO’s like Bloomberg, Zuckerburg, Bezos, and Gates, to name only a few.  The Mob doesn’t give a stale cannoli about millions of Uighurs (a Muslim minority group in northern China)—languishing under terrible repressive conditions, a large percentage of whose population is actually suffering torture in Gulgags (slave labor camps) in Northern China—any more than do the Billionaire Tech Moguls.  As a matter of fact, the Mob sees Silicon Valley and cooperation with the DBO’s (doing odd jobs for them)  as a big part of their future.  Organizing Data Processing Clerks, Delivery Drivers, IT Technicians… are all in sight for labor unions under the Mob’s thumb.  Remember this, these days, the young bosses of the Mob don’t flaunt their muscle; the John Gotti days are over.  The new Bosses keep their murders to a minimum.  Suppose someone gets in the way of their favorite DBO, and there is no other recourse—could be an up and coming Nerd with dreams of becoming a Tech Mogul, a young entrepreneur feeling his oats horning in on one of the Tech Monopolies—in that case, the guns might come out, and the obstacle just might get a hot twenty-two slug in the back of the head in a dark airport parking lot... violence is never out of the question.  

However, even with all their hopes for the future, La Cos Nostra still retains its power base in highly urbanized (formerly smokestack) municipalities that the Democrat Party has ruled for over six decades.  Certainly, they maintain a low profile; but, if some big-shot wants more votes out of such and such precinct or wants to get a guy with connections elected to such and such office statewide… Who do they call? 

Remember… the Godfather movie?  When the Mafioso, Sollozzo, says to the Godfather, Don Corleone, “I need, Don Corleone, all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.”  Well, Crazy Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family have in their pockets all those Movie Actors, University Professors, Late-night Comedians, Senators, Congresspeople, and Big Tech Billionaires, which they carry around like so many nickels and dimes.  And, now they have a President in their pocket.  And so do the Communist Overlords of the People’s Republic of China. 


Francis Joseph Sheeran

Francis Joseph Sheeran (1920 – 2003), also known as “The Irishman,” was a contract killer and enforcer for the Philadelphia faction of the Italian Mafia. 



Photograph of Francis J. Sheeran Big Labor Boss in Nursing Home while in his late nineties.

While in his early twenties, Sheeran saw extensive combat during WWII, and after his discharge in 1945 (while driving a truck for a living), he married and started a family.  At which point,  like so many other WWII veterans, Sheeran struggled to support his young family on a truck driver’s inadequate wages, that is, until he met Russel Bufalino, a boss in the Philadelphia mob. 

Consequently, Sheeran (a hulking brute of a man) began hanging out in a bar owned by a Mafia soldier while doing odd jobs for his friend Bufalino.  Sheeran’s hardscrabble early life (he once described his biological family as being Shanty Irish) prepared him for life on the outskirts of the Mob, and that, along with his combat experience in WWII, had made him immune to violence and bloodshed, and he was a natural when it came to breaking bones for loan sharks. 

Subsequently, it was while doing “jobs” (including contract murder) for Bufalino that in 1957 the Philadelphia mob boss introduced Sheeran to James Riddle Hoffa, who had just become President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  Hoffa was looking for reliable muscle to accompany him on business trips, and Sheeran was offered the job.  In due course (over following years), Hoffa and Sheeran became friends, which led to the labor boss hand-picking the Irishman to head up Teamsters activities in Wilmington, Delaware.  As a result (with Hoffa’s endorsement), Frank Sheeran was elected to head Wilmington’s Local 326 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and became a leading figure involved in the infiltration of labor unions by organized crime. 

And so it went until 1967 when James Riddle Hoffa was convicted of jury tampering and sentenced to thirteen years in Federal Prison.  Nothing, however, kept the diminutive Hoffa down for long, and he continued as President of the Teamsters from prison up until 1971 when his sentence was commuted upon condition that he did not engage in union activities until the year 1980.  

By the year 1972, a lot had changed within Frank Sheeran’s world…  the major change being James Riddle Hoffa was no longer a power within the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the thuggish Hoffa was not happy.  So, soon after his release from prison, Jimmy Hoffa launched an aggressive campaign to re-establish himself as a power within the Teamsters, which estranged him from his mob associates (see note at the bottom of this article).  They were incensed because, within months of his release, Hoffa was getting quite aggressive in his attempt to overturn the requirement of his parole that he did not engage in union activities until the year 1980, which kept him from running for his old job as President of the Teamsters.  The Mob had different ideas; they didn’t want Hoffa back because they had formed a working relationship with his successor at the Teamsters, Frank Fitzsimmons, and found the easygoing Ftiz a welcome respite from the mercurial Hoffa.  After that, on Russell Bufalino’s insistence, the Irishman kept his friend the combative Hoffa at arm’s length and (with the Mob’s approval) retained a power base within Wilmington, Delaware’s labor movement.  Meaning any Democrat (hoping for labor support) running for office in Delaware; needed Sheeran’s approval… Enter Joseph Robinette Biden Junior. 

In 1972 (an election year), Delaware’s Democrat Party decided that the time was right to rid themselves of a popular Republican Senator named J Caleb Boggs (a straight-edged reformer, fighting criminal activities in Delaware) and replace him with someone they could control; quietly, they introduced 29-year-old Joseph Robinette Biden Junior to Frank the Irishman Sheeran.  After that, (with the Philadelphia mob’s approval) Wilmington’s Labor Unions put their support behind a 29-year-old County Councilman with no accomplishments, named Joe Biden, who went up against Republican Senator Caleb Boggs who was—a WWII veteran, three-term Congressman, and two-time Governor—running for a third term as Senator from Delaware.  And so the war hero faced off against the 29-year-old Councilman from New Castle County, with the resulting election ending up being one of the closest in Delaware history.  Biden won in a stunner by a mere 3,162 Democrat votes, all coming from labor union country, which, of course, was turf under the tight-fisted control of Frank, the Irishman, Sheeran. 

In a tell-all book written by Frank Sheeran’s lawyer Charles Brandt and published after Sheeran’s death from natural causes (the Irishman died in a nursing home at the age of eighty-three), the author states that over the last years of his life, the former labor leader mentioned his connections to Joe Biden several times.  FNO has also learned that Frank Sheeran told some friends about meeting the young Democrat and being un-impressed.  The mob associate (now an old man) told our FNO insiders, “Frank was a big muscular guy who had been in combat throughout WWII and later became an enforcer for the Philadelphia mob, using his hands to break heads.  So there’s nothing about some rich kid from Scranton that wouldda impressed the Irishman.”  Reportedly Sheeran told his friend on one occasion… “Biden is a candy-ass, but useful, I’d like ta crush the little weasel’s skull, but we can use him up there.”  Meaning up there in Washington.  Then Sheeran added, “And, with him up there, we can get anything we want.” 

In 1972, according to insiders, Frank Sheeran received orders from Philadelphia to put the full weight of the Teamsters behind Joe Biden.  Which he did, organizing a strike at just the right time and shutting down a Wilmington newspaper just about to publish an expose on Biden (days before the election).  The newspaper was shut down for four days by a picket line—the issue with the facts about young Biden never came out—and remained shut down until the day after the election, at which point the strike was miraculously called off.  From the time Joe Biden entered politics in Delaware, he had the endorsement of the Teamsters in crime-infested Wilmington.  His go-between in Wilmington with the Mob was his brother Fred Biden who regularly met with Frank Sheeran after 1972 up until Crazy Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President in the Obama Administration.  Note:  Throughout his career, Crazy Joe Biden got overwhelming support from areas within Delaware where criminal activities were organized by the bosses of the Philadelphia and Atlantic City Mafia factions. 

After his death, Sheeran’s story became a memoir entitled “I Heard You Paint Houses,” written by his lawyer Charles Brandt and published in 2004.  The reference to “I heard you paint houses.” supposedly refers to a Mafia code (meant to throw off authorities) in which a Mafioso would never use the phrase… He killed… or… He murdered; instead, the phrase would be… He paints houses.  When Teamster’s boss Jimmy Hoffa hired Frank Sheeran to be his bodyguard/companion, he talked to Sheeran on the telephone, asking him… “I heard you paint houses?”.  In other words, he was asking Frank Sheeran if he was willing to take care of Hoffa’s enemies when necessary.  Frank Sheeran is reported to have answered… Yes. 

Eventually, Charles Brandt’s book was made into a Netflix movie… I Heard You Paint Houses which starred Mafia aficionado and hanger-on, aging movie star Robert DeNiro.  Regarding the film… In the first part of the movie, DeNiro portrays Sheeran as a young man, which necessitated the seventy-eight-year-old DeNiro to be heavily made-up… e.g., plastered with layers of pancake makeup in a futile attempt to hide his age.  But… when playing Sheeran as an eighty-something resident in an Assisted Living Facility, DeNiro needed no makeup at all, looking every bit as old as the eighty-plus-year-old character he was mimicking. 

Note:  also, in the Netflix movieSheeran and Hoffa are portrayed as being somewhat equal in stature, which happened because the aging Hollywood movie star Robert DeNiro portrayed Sheeran and the old Hollywood movie actor, Al Pachino played Hoffa… both of these movie stars are about equal in height and stature, and both are short, wrinkled and balding.  Whereas in real life… James Riddle Hoffa was short and stocky (five foot four inches tall ), and Sheeran (six foot four inches tall) was a foot taller than Hoffa and very muscular… The Irishman was built like a tank, an associate has said.  When the two of them were together side by side, Sheeran towered over the diminutive Hoffa; in fact, the undereducated Hoffa had a reputation as a short, stocky, rather thuggish character.  Upon one occasion, seeing  Hoffa and Sheeran huddled together, a Teamster official remarked… They look like Haystacks Calhoun standing next to Mickey Rooney. (Haystacks Calhoun was a famous wrestler of the 1950s known for being gigantic in stature, while Mickey Rooney was a famous movie star known for being a little over five feet tall.) 

According to Brandt’s book, Sheeran met Jimmy Hoffa (who had just replaced Dave Beck as President of the Teamsters) through his Philadelphia Mafia associate Russell Bufalino, and they became good friends.  In Brandt’s book, the author states that Sheeran confessed to him that an important part of his job with Hoffa was to eliminate the boss’s enemies; Sheeran murdered perhaps as many as thirty men (in old age, the Irishman’s memory was unclear on the actual number) for his bosses, and Hoffa rewarded him by making him head of Teamsters Locals in Wilmington, Delaware.  Also, Sheeran eventually was given charge over all criminal enterprises in Delaware, acting on behalf of the Philidelphia and Atlantic City Mafia Bosses who claimed Delaware as part of their territory. 

According to Brandt, late in life, Sheeran reluctantly confessed a startling secret; he told Brandt that in 1975 he murdered his friend Jimmy Hoffa.  Sheeran told Brandt he was ordered by Russell Bufalino (who in turn was acting on orders from Fat Tony Salerno, the NYC Mob Boss) to kill Jimmy Hoffa, who they were concerned might regain control of the Teamsters, and shut them out from their cash cow, the Teamsters Pension Fund.  Always a good soldier (even though he had been a loyal friend to Hoffa for decades), Frank Sheeran told Charles Brandt that he lured Hoffa to a working-class neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, and shot him in the back of the head.  After which, there is some evidence that Mafia mobster Tony (the Pro) Provenzano (also a Teamsters official) took charge of Hoffa’s body and had it stuffed headfirst into an old oil drum and taken to New Jersey by truck (New Jersy was Provenzano’s home turf) where the drum was buried in a Mafia controlled trash dump.  According to legend, Tony Pro hated Hoffa so much (the two had a long history of rivalry) that he wanted the body nearby as a sort of gangster trophy.  


Note:  During Jimmy Hoffa’s time in prison, the Italian Mafia had worked with the acting Teamsters President, Frank Fitzsimmons, who became President of the Teamsters in 1971 after Hoffa’s parole; the Mob liked Fitzsimmons and didn’t want Hoffa back in control) \

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