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IRONY can be and often is… a literary technique whereby a character’s words or actions are clear to the reader, although unknown to the character him or herself.  Or… a hilarious state of affairs seemingly deliberately contrary to what one expects.  IRONY is a literary TECHNIQUE.     

While according to Britannica’s definition, which FNO will paraphrase here… SATIRE is an artistic form, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by utilizing ridicule, mockery, irony, parody and/or caricature, to illuminate deliberately hidden truths.  SATIRE is a literary GENRE.


Before January of 2021, if you put twelve gallons of regular gasoline in your vehicle’s tank at the average Union 76 Station in Los Angeles County in California, you would have paid at the pump approximately 40 dollars. Today in August of 2021, if you put twelve gallons of gasoline in your vehicle at the average Union 76 Station in Los Angeles County, you will be forced to shell out something like fifty dollars; ten dollars more than in January. Stay tuned, folks, if gasoline continues to rise at the rate of ten dollars per fill-up every three months, by the end of the year, if you put twelve gallons of regular gasoline in your tank at a Union 76 Station in Southern California, you should be paying something like seventy dollars at the pump.


Why is the price of a gallon of gasoline going steadily up throughout the United States but especially in Blue States like California? What changed in January of 2021? Remember this… All through 2016 to 2020, the price of gasoline at the pump was heading steadily down. So, why after January is the price steadily rising? HMMM…. How will working-class Americans keep up as more and more of their paycheck gets eaten up by higher and higher prices for a gallon of gasoline?

Will they buy a new electric vehicle? At seventy thousand dollars a pop? This might work out for, say, your average movie star, but what about the average working-class stiff? On average, the cost to recharge an electric vehicle is approximately ten dollars per full recharge. Hey, not bad! But… There s always a BUT! The time involved to recharge your average electric vehicle is something like eight hours. So… You pull over on your trip to Disneyland with the kids, plug in your vehicle, and eight hours later, you are fully charged and back on the road. Huh? Vehicles with an average price tag of seventy thousand dollars take eight hours to (refill) or recharge. What a bargain!

Take a look at the photo below showing the price of a gallon of gasoline in southern California before January of 2021.

New York, New York...

The photo above shows New York Governor (Democrat) Andrew Cuomo giving his cronies the high sign. 

Has Governor Cuomo just learned about the effects of the order he signed ordering his minions to force elderly patients suffering from Covid-19 back into nursing homes, thereby infecting their fellow seniors with the Virus?  Thousands died because of Como’s order; they died alone without family attending them.

Information has come to FNO that thousands upon thousands of deaths associated with the Coronavirus occurred in Long-Term-Care Facilities (Nursing Homes).  Most of those DEATHS occurred in states where one Party rule has been forced upon them; states under the rigid political control of the Socialist Democrat Party.  Mass deaths have occurred in Nursing Homes in Massachusetts, New York State, Washington State, and Michigan, to name but a few.  Why?  Could it be… the Socialist Democrat Party doesn’t value older nursing-home Americans? 

Joe Biden, the present occupant of the White House, has as one of his closest advisors, Ezekiel Emanuel—brother of Rahm Emanuel, who was Barrack Obama’s Chief of Staff when he occupied the White House.  Emanuel has written extensively about his belief that after seventy-five, life is not worth living and has said emphatically that the Coronavirus vaccine should be given to younger persons with a long life ahead of them; and a potential to contribute to the Collective Good for decades to come.  Are Emanuel’s expressed views now the views of the Socialist Democrat Party under Joe Biden and Andrew Como?   

In 2020, at the height of the panic over the Coronavirus, New York State, where Andrew Cuomo is Governor, ignored a rising toll of Nursing Homes deaths after Cuomo signed a ruthless, heartless statewide directive ordering Coronavirus sufferers out of hospitals and back into their Nursing Homes.


Upwards of eleven women who once worked in the Governor’s office in Albany have charged Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat, NY) of sexually abusing them. At first, Cuomo’s minions put on a full-court defense of the Governor but soon enough, as the number of accusor's multiplied, it became apparent there was no real defense that could be mounted.  Finally, in early August of 2021, things came to a head, and the Governor, no longer able to credibly deny his sordid past, offered his resignation. Governor Andrew Cuomo did this to avoid being impeached, which would have banned him from running for office in New York State again. On August 24th, 2021AD Andrew Cuomo resigned from the office of Governor in disgrace. 


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Joe Biden—the Octogenarian in the White House—is General Mark A. Milley. Milley is a Renaissance Person of sorts. General Milley has read Karl Marx and Mao’s Little Red Book; Milley has read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. And, Milley has read works by Stokley Carmichael, and Eldridge Cleaver. So, from this list, anyone can see Chairperson Milley is a thoroughly read individual, one might say an intellectual. General Milley is also a student of the great Progressive thinker, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

And now, General Milley as head of the United States Military wants the rank and file within the Military to pause and follow in their enlightened General’s footsteps by reading some good books. Milley believes that members of the military need to understand why the United States is so full of White Rage.

What is White Rage all about? Milley demands to know.

And, Milley doesn’t exempt Mark A. Milley; recognizing that being born in the United States, Milley has absorbed White Rage. Milley is one General, who is not so rigid in thinking, that they can’t look inside and see their own mental dilemma with White Supremacy. You see, Milley is White, and that’s their curse.

General Milley is the first head of the entire United States Military Establishment to admit publicly to being a White Supremacist.

In olden days a glimpse of stocking

Was looked upon as something shocking

But now … Anything goes …

Good Writers too, who once knew better …

Now use only four letters …

Anything goes …



Samuel Clemens


Honorary Degree From Oxford.

Mark Twain said:


"A lie can travel halfway around the world ... 
while the truth is still putting its pants on."



Whispers from the Mole:

There is a MOLE deep inside the recesses of the creepy Biden White House, and, periodically, this whistleblower feels secure enough to pass information to the world outside. Recently, the MOLE got a message out by placing a report inside a hollowed-out watermelon in a melon patch on a pick-em-yourself farm near Woodbine, Maryland, which is approximately fifty miles from Washington D. C.

Hidden inside the watermelon was a 1TB USB Flash Drive Memory Stick—commonly referred to as a thumb drive—carefully wrapped in plastic wrap. And, when inserted into a computer’s USB port in the local field office of the Left Blank Intentionally, the flash drive produced several pages of information on the goings-on inside the most secretive White House in history.

The Watermelon Papers revealed that within the White House, a powerful Committee runs the country. The powerful Chairperson for the (unofficial) Committee of the Five is Doctor Jill Biden—not a real doctor—Biden has a Ph.D. in Secondary Education and insists her minions refer to her as Doctor Biden. Within the White House, the terrified underlings refer to the Committee of the Five under their respective breaths as … The Gang of Five.

As the real power in the White House, Doctor Jill Biden authorized a crash medical program for her Octagenarian husband, the President … who suffers from the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The seventy-eight-year-old President, Joseph Robinette Biden Junior, has been deteriorating rapidly for years from Alzheimer’s, but the Democrat Party’s Overlords have kept that information from the public. They wanted power so desperately that they used the Covid-19 Pandemic to cover up the former Vice President’s disease by keeping him mostly in the basement throughout the 2020 Presidential Campaign. However, now it’s more difficult to keep the condition a secret, so, daily, Doctor Jill escorts a team consisting of a Geriatric Psychiatrist and two Alzheimer Specialists—probably assembled by the Multi-National Mega-Corp Johnson and Johnson—into the living quarters of the White House to administer 50 milligrams of the miracle Alzheimer’s drug Galantamine to President Biden who, according to insiders without the drug, would not be able to do much of anything. The maximum recommended dose for Alzheimer’s patients is 24 milligrams daily; however, her elderly husband receives almost twice the recommended amount upon Doctor Jill’s insistence. Most startling of all … The Watermelon Papers revealed that a wholly-owned entity under the control of the MegaCorp, Johnson and Johnson, was ordered to undertake a highly secret series of scientific studies with Galantamine to ascertain the drug’s usefulness in treating Alzheimer’s … The results amazed the researchers who concluded the drug was relatively effective in making patients lucid and alert for hours at a time; unfortunately, however, the scientific details are not available anywhere outside the White House.


Joseph Robinette Biden Junior has been in politics for over fifty years—he is two years short of his eightieth birthday—lately, anyone who has seen him recognizes Biden has limited physical and mental abilities. So how was Joe Biden elected? The answer is … RIGID CONTROL.

Anticipating the Presidential Election of 2020, the Democrat Party Bosses used the Covid-19 Pandemic to drastically change election laws in five major states under the control of corrupt Democrat politicians. And Doctor Jill did the rest. Throughout the campaign, Doctor Jill assured candidate Joe Biden “You’re okay, Joe.” Beyond which, Doctor Jill’s job was to keep the former Vice President in a Delaware basement—watching Road Runner cartoons—during most of the campaign. Other than that, they allowed the former Vice President to go to the ice cream parlor once in a while—Biden’s favorite activity—where CNN and MSNBC stooges under the thumb of the Party would dutifully ask, “What flavor did you get Joe?”

But even with rigged election laws in place, as it neared midnight on election night, the Democrats were in trouble; so, they went to Plan B and closed the counting rooms in five large cities under their iron-fisted control. At which point their corrupt minions placed cardboard on the windows so no one could see inside, and surprise, surprise, thousands of Biden votes were discovered in cities under the power of the Bosses, cities known primarily for urban decay and violent crime; towns with names like Detroit, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia. Those thousands of urban votes became the margin of victory in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia, for Democrats … and old Joe was in the White House a month later.


The Gang of Five includes four appointees inside the White House who, under the direction of Doctor Jill Biden, run the government; Doctor Jill is Chairperson. Other members include Susan Rice of the Obama Administration; Steve Richetti, a Special Counselor to the President; Ron Klein, a long-time Biden insider who also serves as the liaison between the Gang of Five and Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. And, finally, the last member of the Gang is Louisa Terrel, little is known about her, but we do know she is a favorite of Silicon Valley Executives—the DBO’s (Democrat Big Tech Oligarchs—with their serpentine ties to Communist China. For example, the drug Galantamine (under the brand name Ryzadine) is a product of the giant Janssen Pharmaceutical Corporation, wholly under the control of the worldwide MegaCorp Johnson and Johnson. The Johnson and Johnson Corporation has extensive ties to and does extensive business with the Communist Government of Mainland China. In addition, Johnson and Johnston have been the object of legal claims over and over regarding their Pharmaceutical Division that aggressively pushed the drug Oxycotin onto the public at large—making billions in profits—leading to thousands of overdoses and deaths.




At the same time, Johnson and Johnson’s business partner, Communist China, has been allowing elements within the mainland to manufacture enormous amounts of the powerful killer drug, Fentanyl … hundreds of pounds of which are being smuggled across the Southern border of the United States daily, leading to the overdose deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. When this killer commodity arrives in the United States, the drug lords mix Fentanyl—from Communist China—with other street drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and oxycodone, giving those common street drugs a mega potency, leading to a thousandfold increase in drug overdoses.


Every day physicians enter the private quarters of the White House alongside Doctor Jill Biden, and sometimes the afore-mentioned Lousia Terrel, where the physicians administer fifty milligrams of the experimental drug, Galantamine, to President Biden, who usually when they enter is sitting by a window staring out over the grounds. However, after a few minutes of being administered the medication, the President comes to life and suddenly seems alert. Wherein Doctor Jill Biden directs the President to memorize his daily speeches, and for the next hours, the President is scheduled for public speeches—read from his teleprompter—and events. After which, the President is whisked away to the living quarters in the White House, or Wilmington, Delaware, or to Camp David in Maryland. When the President travels, Doctor Jill Biden’s handpicked representatives are always with him, and the two physicians who no one in the press knows who they are … are also there. Doctor Jill Biden has given strict orders that only those deputized by her are near her husband when he is not in the public eye. However, when the President is in the public eye, members of the Committee of Five are always nearby.

According to the Watermelon Papers … All matters concerning the President go through the Committee of the Five. The Gang of Five is actually running the country, and President Joe Biden is merely a figurehead, reading speeches off a teleprompter and, when necessary, buying and eating ice cream for the cameras—Joe’s favorite activity when he is partially lucid—and making public appearances under Doctor Jill Biden’s and her assistant’s careful supervision. The Papers describe one incident where Joe Biden, rather than follow Doctor Jill’s script—during a press conference of sorts—went off the teleprompter and began to banter with a reporter. When she saw this, Doctor Jill Biden went ballistic, and when the President came off the podium, she grabbed poor old Joe Biden by the lapels and slapped the old man across the face, after which the Presidents’ Secret Service detail whisked him away and back into the living quarters of the White House. Later one of the maids saw the old man sitting by the window in the bedroom, appearing to be weeping.



Nancy Pelosi, the Octogenarian Speaker of the House of Representatives, is eighty-one years of age, stands five foot five inches tall—even with that slight Octogenarian stoop—and weighs about one hundred and twenty-nine pounds. Speaker Nancy undergoes regular cosmetic surgery procedures, but no one has ever made her eyebrows stay in place; sometimes, the brows are high up on old Nan’s forehead giving the Octogenarian a rather comic appearance. Sometimes those eyebrows go their separate ways; one goes one way while the other goes the other way … like two caterpillars evading a Praying Mantis.

The Majority Leader in the Senate by a single vote, Chuck Schumer, is seventy-one years of age; the Sectagenarian stands at five foot seven inches tall and weighs around one hundred and seventy-five pounds. Lately, Schumer has taken up RAP and was seen RAPPING and shaking it up at a local concert; the old-timer looked like a prune-faced, stooped-over version of Snoop Dogg.



Are the Communists Pulling the Strings?         


By Elmer G. Truthengeller

December 2020

The Bergen Hunt and Fish Club was a former Gambino Crime Family mob hangout and headquarters run by New York City Mob Boss John Gotti, who regularly ordered his Capo-Regimes to place cardboard over the windows to keep the prying eyes of law enforcement away from the goings-on inside. 

If the Communist Dictator Xi Jinping had existed in Germany in the past, his importance to the system would have earned him the title of Oberfuhrer… In other words, the ultimate Dictator for life, the leader of all German-controlled lands. 

Since November third, Oberfuhrer Xi Jinping has been ecstatic over his minion’s achievement in shaping the 2020 American election for President.

Word has leaked out from various sources—some sources originating within Hong Kong, others located in nearby nations—concerning Communist China’s reaction to the 2020 Presidential Election.  Some of those sources are what we in America would call… Whistleblowers… men and women who have risked their lives and the lives of their families to get this information out to the West. 

Various Whistleblowers have said… Sometime in the summer of 2020, with the Chinese created Covid-19 Virus raging throughout the world, Oberfuhrer Xi Jinping called an emergency meeting of his top military brass and, pounding the table, demanded they inform him of HOW they were going to get his good pal Joe Biden elected as the next President of the United States.  Everyone in that room knew how critical it was to the future of Communist-control to rid the world of Donald J. Trump before he could disengage the American economy from Communist China and thereby thwart their plans for world economic domination.  With voices quivering before the Boss’s rage, the Red Army Brass all told him the same thing, their main weapon was… MONEY! 

For decades the Chinese Communist Peoples Army has invested in thousands of businesses that top Communist Army Generals control, and from which they drain off billions, allowing the Army to finance various projects, some of which are openly military, and some of which are decidedly covert operations abroad.  One of the advantages the Communists have over Democratic Nations is they influence thousands of large free-world Corporations with the promise of doing business in China and gaining access to the billions of Chinese who will buy products manufactured in the free world.  One of his top Communist Generals told Oberfuhrer Xi Jinping that the Red Army Brass was in the process of exerting unprecedented control over the American Election the same way they wielded unprecedented power over dozens of large American Corporations… using the money advantage—in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars—which would ensure that Fellow Travelers in America could buy the election for Joe Biden.  

It is common knowledge within business circles in the United States that dozens of large corporations with interests in Communist China toe the party line with religious fervor; if they did not, they would not be doing business in China.  So when the Communists began to dangle big money in front of them with the object of determining the outcome of the 2020 election, the Big Tech Giants and others went all in. 

So what can be accomplished with access to hundreds of millions of dollars for a Political Party in influencing the outcome of an election?  Well, you could hire thousands of poll workers, for one thing… poll workers who will look the other way when you tell them to; or who will plaster the windows with cardboard when they are ordered to… or will threaten poll watchers when they are called upon to threaten them.  Or perhaps the Bosses could hire thousands of mob-connected individuals in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas and send them out to scour graveyards for names to use when filling out thousands of blank mail-in ballots for Joe Biden, then turning them into Democrat-controlled poll workers

The promise of all those millions flowing into the Democrat’s coffers caused Corporate interests in the free world to salivate. 

Corporations such as the Big Tech Giants had been worried lest the United States continue with President Donald Trump’s America First vision and actually begin to disengage from their Cash Cow China.   Big Tech has multi-billion dollar investments in Communist-controlled China and expects to rake in mega-billions… Tech Giants would include; Apple (AAPL), whose production of the vastly profitable iPhone might have been hit hard if America dis-engaged from communist China.  Apple has plants located in Hubei Province and elsewhere in China that make iPhone parts, including gigantic Foxconn facilities in Shenzen.  If the U.S. were to disengage from Communist China, the Uyghur workforce (slave labor) would be lost to many Giant Corporations.  Note: the iPhone sells in the U.S. for hundreds of dollars, but if estimates are correct, about fifty dollars to manufacture in Asia. 

Another so-called American company having a sweet deal in Communist China (as long as they toe the Communist line) is Nike (NKE).  Compared to an anemic seven percent growth in North America, the sportswear giant brought in $6.2 billion in revenue in China in 2018.  China has been Nike’s fastest-growing market for the past two years, which means the corporation toes the Communist line religiously, and they have pulled in the National Basketball Association with them.  The National Basketball Association is beginning to fail in the United States—sports gear emblazoned with player’s names are no longer big sellers inside the U.S.— because of the player’s aggressive anti-American (Neo-Marist) social policy.  Therefore, the NBA is eyeing a future in China.  The players see the Communist Social System as being the future of the world; a nation where Black Lives Matter (of course, there are no black lives in Communist China, and China is one of the most adamantly Racist nations in the world, just ask the Uyghurs, Tibetians, or Mongolians.  Note:  Not one NBA player has ever publicly criticized the Communist dictatorship.





Other Tech Giants toeing the Communist line include Google LLC, an American Multinational Technology Corporation (Note:  in 2017, Google realized thirty-one percent of its total world sales in China).  However, Google is not the only Corporation toadying to the Communists; many of the Tech Titans toe the Communist line, Mega-Corporations such as Microsoft Corp, Twitter, Facebook Inc, Intel Corp, and Micron Technologies, Inc… to name a few are among some of the biggest grovelers

Also, it should be noted here, Left-Coast Big-Corporate-Interests also control—many are solely owned—the overwhelming majority of BIG MEDIA, that is:  CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The  Washington Post.  Most of these far left media outlets would have been out of business years ago without an infusion of cash from the Tech Giants and/or other international players in Corporate America.  However, that being said, just ask yourself… From where did that big influx of cash really come?

All unanswered questions aside, some things are for certain… Xi’s American minions contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the election on behalf of the Democrats (Joe Biden).

New York’s Michael Bloomberg alone contributed 150 million dollars from his Communist China profits… profits that were then put into the 2020 Presidential year election on behalf of Xi’s long time crony, Joe Biden. 

And there are rumors that around the time Oberfuhrer Xi met with his Communist Generals… Barrack Obama was meeting secretly with many of the Tech billionaires from Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others—who were flush with Communist cash—who were eager to make Joe Biden the next President.  The topic for discussion was how to guarantee Xi Jinping that the trend toward disengagement from  Communist China would abruptly halt… Obama assuring the Giants that the Chinese Communist Cash would keep flowing. 

Several anonymous sources for this expose suggested… that in early 2020, Oberfuhrer Xi assured a select group of political figures in the U.S. that the Left Coast Tech Giants would have nothing to fear as long as America’s political situation remained stable as regards Communist China.  Rumor has it one of those select political figures was Barrack Obama.  In that same clandestine meeting, Oberfuhrer Xi assured those attending that the big tech giant’s access to a reliable Uyghur slave-labor-force would continue being an integral part of several free-world corporate interests well into the future. 

The Uyghurs are an ethnic minority in China; their status within China is similar to present-day Christians’ status in Iran’s Islamic dictatorship. The Uyghurs are recognized as native to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in Northwest China.  They’re treated by the Communist dictatorship much as the Africans transported by the British Empire from Africa in the 15th century to work as slave labor on the sugar plantations of wealthy English Lords in their Jamaica Colony. 

No one knows where the millions of votes for the Democratic candidate for President came from—in the middle of the night on November third—what is known is President Trump was well ahead in four states; Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, when the lights went out around midnight, and the count came to an abrupt halt.  And for four hours in those Democrat-controlled strongholds, election observers were ushered out, and paper and cardboard was placed over windows, keeping what was happening inside away from prying eyes.  The cardboard went up in Madison, WS; Detroit, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA, and Las Vegas, NV, all cities where Democrats and their Mafia cronies control the politics.  And four hours later, after the paper and cardboard were removed from the windows and observers were allowed back in, Crazy Joe Biden had received just enough votes to put him well ahead in the vote count in those mobbed-up cites.

UPDATE:  However, mountains of cash are not the only arrows in the Communist’s quiver… Clandestine Agents of Communist China intend to use their minions in the U.S. (Neo Marxists, mostly located in New York, Minnesota, and Northern California) to deluge social media with slogans aimed at Georgia Conservatives urging them to boycott Georgia’s Senate Runoff elections because the 2020 election was corrupt.  Also, several New York State Neo Marxists are traveling to Georgia where cronies are putting them up in that state—some say arranged by a former radical candidate for Governor, Stacey Abrams—and are going door to door spreading the word that the GOP is boycotting the corrupt Georgia Runoff.   By these means, Red Army Officials intend to suppress Republican’s and Independent’s votes in the coming election and help elect two China-friendly Democrats… Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the United States Senate.  Which would dash Republican hopes of controlling the Senate, thereby eliminating any threat of America’s disengagement, even partially, from Communist C






by Marcell Sovare for FNO

1st Quarter, 2021

No… It wasn’t Mafia gangster Crazy Joe Gallo who subverted the 2020 Presidential election; that particular Crazy Joe is long since gone; Instead, it was those creatures of the Democrat Party we shall henceforth call the Democrat’s Billionaire Oligarchs (the DBO’s)… Supporters and cronies of Crazy Joe Biden desperate to get the “Old Man” in the White House with the intent of resuming their march to ultimate power.  With, of course, the aid of Crazy Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, whose sole responsibility would be to take charge of the soon-to-be Octogenarian and guide him through the Presidency without allowing him to fall on his head. 

However, let’s forget Crazy Joe Biden and his DBO’s for the next several paragraphs while we take a little side trip through Mafia history going back several decades… At the time, Crazy Joe Gallo was a hot-headed young gangster within the ranks of the Profaci Crime Family of New York City, at which point, recognizing talent, Joe Profaci gave Gallo a plumb assignment, appointing Crazy Joe to be the triggerman on an important bit of business.  As a result, Crazy Joe Gallo became the gangster who murdered New York City mob boss Albert Anastasia (the Grand High Executioner) in October 1957.  At the time, Anastasia (formerly the head of Murder, Inc) had risen to the top within the Luciano Crime Family, and when the bullets started flying in downtown New York City, Anastasia’s barbershop assassination made big news.  After that, over the coming years, Joey Gallo developed a taste for the spotlight, becoming a self-styled NYC celebrity, hanging with actors and entertainers and the well connected; in between becoming a heavyweight in the extortion, loan sharking, and labor union rackets.  Although Crazy Joe was not finished with the grimier aspects of being a Mafioso, and in 1971 he was also responsible for an assassination attempt on a man named Joseph Colombo, an endeavor that drove NYC’s mobsters into a panic.  

So, who was Joseph Colombo?  Well, Joseph Anthony Colombo Senior was an NYC mob boss although that wasn’t his only claim to fame, and perhaps more than anything else, his eventual downfall came about because of his side activities; because you see… in the 1970s, Colombo ALSO made his mark on the Civil Rights Movement.  Huh?  Civil Rights!  Yes, Civil Rights… Joe Colombo was also a Civil  Rights Leader.  But, that was during the late 1960s and early 1970s; before that, Colombo was a gangster.  It all began for Joseph Anthony in the 1940s when he was given a blood initiation into the Italian Mafia by his father, a long-time soldier in the Profaci Family (One of the five major criminal organizations in NYC ).  Subsequently, Colombo rose quickly within the Profaci’s and was made a Capo (captain), although his big opportunity would come later, in the 1960s, when mob war broke out after Joe Profaci died of cancer; and, an attempt was made to assassinate the heads of all the other five Mafia Families in NYC.  Colombo supported the winners and was made boss of his own Family by NYC’s High Commission—which consisted of the ranking members of the five NYC Families that run the Mafia— after that, the Profaci Family became known as the Colombo Family by order of the same Commission. 

Soon after becoming boss, Joe Colombo saw an opportunity and made a momentous (for him) decision; he decided to start an Italian Civil Rights Organization.  And, presto-chango, Joe Colombo (Mafioso) was not just a low-life mob boss; he also ran his own Civil Rights Organization… The Italian American Civil Rights League (the IACRL).  The Italian American Civil Rights League was an organization Colombo created in June of 1970 supposedly to fight discrimination against Italian Americans.  In reality, most agree, Colombo used the League as a cash cow for his mob activities. 

At this point, let’s return to Joey Gallo… Crazy Joe. 

It seems Joey Gallo had supported the losing side in the Profaci Wars, but fortunate for him, in 1961, he was serving time in prison for extortion, keeping him out of the wars for the most part.  So with the Mafioso war raging on the outside, Crazy Joe was behind the bars (and going against Mafia tradition) forged alliances with African American gangsters.  Evidently, Gallo’s thinking was… When he got out of prison, he would need muscle, and in addition to his regular crew (which included his brother), would have reserves in Harlem.  Thereafter, when Crazy Joe Gallo hit the streets, his boss, Joe Colombo, was at the height of his activities with the IACRL, all of which did not sit well with more traditional street gangsters.  As for Crazy Joe—the flamboyant self-styled celebrity—seeing his boss hog all the publicity and hang out with more Hollywood movie stars than he ever had… began to eat at him.  Despite all the murderous violence, Joey Gallo had a delicate psyche; and, jealousy dripping away like sulfuric acid at the insides of a psycho Mafioso is never a good thing.  Simultaneously, traditional street gangster types were also becoming disturbed at seeing Joe Colombo’s photograph in local newspapers—sometimes with his arms around the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior, two of the IACRL’s biggest Hollywood supporters—while watching the fights at Madison Square Garden.  To the street thugs of La Cosa Nostra (in Italian meaning… Our Thing), Colombo’s activities didn’t seem very crime-boss-like, and they began to see weakness, which, of course, was the beginning of the boss’s downfall.  Enter Crazy Joe Gallo, who took it upon himself to bring Colombo down, and in June of 1971, he made his move, sending an African American associate out to take care of the boss.  As a result, the boss was gunned down in front of his wife and children and thousands of onlookers during a rally for his Civil Rights League… Colombo never recovered, remaining paralyzed for the rest of his life. 


Photo of Crazy Joe Gallo testifying before Congress.

So with all that history recalled, let’s now delve into the career of Joseph Robinette Biden Junior. 

In 1970, Joe Biden, a budding young, ambitious politician, won a seat on the governing council of Delaware’s New Castle County, which includes Wilmington, Delaware.  And, because Wilmington was then mostly working-class—despite his affluent upbringing—Biden sold himself as a working man politician, saying his father was a used car salesman; however, in reality, Biden’s father owned a share of a Cadillac Dealership with his partner, a local Mafia Associate in Wilmington… Biden’s father was quite wealthy.  In addition, Joe Biden’s first wife Nielia was a wealthy heiress from upper New York State; the daughter of the owner of a four-star restaurant, her family was very well connected.  As a matter of fact, Neilia Hunter met young Joe Biden while both were basking in the sun on vacation in the Bahamas.  Later, they married and had three children.  Then… Tragedy struck; Neilia was killed in 1972 while driving her young children to pick up a Christmas tree.  Her vehicle ran through a stop sign (she was most likely distracted by her children) and was hit by a truck.  Later Biden lied about the accident, claiming the truck driver (Curtis C. Dunn of Pennsylvania) was drunk at the time.  However, Dunn was not accused of drunk driving or any wrongdoing in association with the accident, and police concluded the accident was a case of distracted driving.  Note:  The accident report has since disappeared. 

Ever since the tragedy that occurred to his wife Neilia and young daughter Naomi, Joe Biden has milked the accident for every bit of political sympathy he could get out of the voters.  Not to say, he wasn’t wounded by the tragedy. 

Nevertheless, Biden appears to have recovered quite quickly, after it seems, receiving poignant advice from a young friend from Massachusetts named John Kerry (a Left-Wing Political Fixer, at the time) who had just married a Wall Street Heiress to the Thorne fortune.  After his marriage, Kerry’s status within Democrat Party circles had taken off.  Convinced, Kerry advised Joe Biden to latch onto an heiress and thereby cement his own political future.  Did Crazy Joe Biden take John Kerry’s advice?  Well, shortly after speaking to Kerry, he began courting some prominent young women from wealthy families, and three years later, in 1977, he married a wealthy divorcee’ named Jill (Giacoppo) Jacobs-Stevenson. 

So now, let’s back up a bit…

In 1957 Albert Anastasia (the Lord High Executioner ) was gunned down in a Manhattan Barbershop

In his councilman bid in 1970, Joe Biden won with overwhelming support from the Italian American community, so naturally, the new councilman became a big supporter of the Italian American Civil Rights League; the Delaware Valley is 25% Italian American.  And as a supporter of the IACRL, Joe Biden began traveling to NYC, where he got to attend several face-to-face meetings with the Mafia Boss, Joe Colombo (his father’s partner arranged the first meeting).  This was fortunate for young Biden because at Joe Colombo’s mansion in NYC; he was introduced to some Hollywood heavyweights of that era, like, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Junior, Shirley Maclaine, and Peter Lawford, who, in turn, were all big supporters of Joe Colombo’s Civil Rights Organization, some were Colombo’s personal friends

There are credible rumors that Joe Biden and the goofy new-age actress Shirley Maclaine spent more than a couple of nights together in NYC hotel rooms. 

In addition, the young Delaware councilman met several Democrat politicians who also supported Boss Colombo; for example, a budding politician named Mario Cuomo (father of present NY Governor Andrew Cuomo) and US Representative Peter Rodino (a big shot in the Democrat Party in the 1970s) who was also a Colombo acolyte. 

Photo of Mob Boss Joe Colombo from the 1970s

So, there we have it; Crazy Joe Biden is a personal friend and supporter of Joe Colombo, the mob boss, and some time at the beginning of 1971, Colombo personally introduced young Joe Biden to Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Junior, who later became big supporters of Biden’s long-shot run for the Senate in 1972.  Upon one occasion when Joe Biden was in the presence of Mafia Boss Joe Colombo, he is reputed to have said, "Today, I feel like an honorary Italian.  And, I can’t tell you, Mister Colombo, how much I respect you and all you do here in New York City to make a better and fairer world."  Although that was not the end of important introductions, Colombo made for young Biden because, during one of these outings to NYC, Colombo introduced the young politician to Frank Sheeran (the Irishman), a higher-up within Big Labor in Wilmington, Delaware.  Some old-timers had suggested that when hanging out with mobsters from Wilmington, Delaware, and New York City in those heady days,  Crazy Joe Biden would often regale his hosts at Colombo’s mansion with stories about his time as a lifeguard at a municipal swimming pool in a black neighborhood of Wilmington when he was in his late teens.  The old-timers say…Crazy Joe Biden (that was his nickname within mob circles) loved sharing his tale, which involved him facing off against a straight-razor-wielding black gang leader named CornPop, while Biden, himself, was armed only with a length of chain cut from a bit of pool equipment.  Needless to say, the fanciful yarn always ended with Crazy Joe facing the fearsome CornPop down.  At which point, when Biden finished his fanciful tale, the assembled Mafioso would all pat him on the back and laugh, pretending to believe the cowardly politician from Delaware really was brave and fearless. 

It’s true, Crazy Joe Biden and Crazy Joe Gallo have only one thing in common, a nickname, although there are similarities between today’s (2021) Joe Biden and another Mob Boss; his name was Vincent Louis Gigante, the head of the Genovese Crime Family in New York City for decades.  Known as the Chin, Gigante acted for at least three decades like a demented old man, stumbling around, forgetting where he was, and by those means, hoped to convince Federal Crime Busters he wasn’t the head of a crime family but just a feeble old man hanging around.  Using the demented “old man” routine, the Chin hoped to avoid prison, which he did, for decades, until the truth finally caught up with him, and he was slammed into jail.  Note:  The Chin was the attempted Assassin of Frank Costello, the head of the NYC Mafia, in the late forties and early fifties.  The Chin failed in the attempt but gained the respect of his cronies by the effort.  Frank Costello (after being wounded and recovering) retired from the Mafia for good. 

Photo of Vincent Louis Gigante (the Chin) doing his pitiful old man act.

However, the similarities between Vincent Gigante and Joe Biden stop there; you see Vincent Gigante (the Chin) was acting like a demented old man, but Joe Biden, the man the DBO’s propped up and ran for President in November 2020 (at the age of seventy-eight) really is suffering from the early onset of Alzheimer’s, appearing to be a bumbling stumbling old man who can barely navigate the ramp up into Air Force One is not an act with him. 

There are similarities in this walk down Mafia Lane to the Crazy Joe Biden story; however, it doesn’t involve “CornPop”; instead, Joe Colombo’s good friend—the corrupt Delaware Councilman—took on more established political institutions in his tiny state.  And, in 1972, with the assistance of a Delaware labor boss named Frank Sheeran (nicknamed the Irishman) and his crews, Crazy Joe Biden pulled off a thousand to one upset, taking a Senate seat away from an honest (war-hero) reformer.  So, as much as Crazy Joe Biden admired gangsters, the lesson is clear, he was always terrified of real violence, himself… Crazy Joe Biden’s milieu was politics, talking, spinning fanciful yarns, lying, which he always did while taking on Wilmington’s reformers at a young age and bringing them down.  And, as a reward, was catapulted into the Senate at the age of twenty-nine.  Note, The Chin was twenty-nine years old when he brought down Frank Costello 


Photo on the left is Fat Tony Salerno (NYC Mafia Chieftain), and on the right is Frank Costello (Boss of Bosses in the ’50s)

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